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We are locals, we love our country and we would like to share this passion with you. Come and discover Bohemia. Stop dreaming and visit us.

At TO DO IN Prague, it is our professional pride as well as our deep love for both our native land of the Czech Republic and also travel that motivates us to help our clients have an experience unlike they expected when coming to visit this extraordinary gem hidden in the heart of Europe.  

Our founder- Zuzana Ruzickova- has always possessed a fierce love of traveling and exploring and has worked around the world in many exotic locations. But she has also always felt a deep emotional connection and unwavering pride for her home country of the Czech Republic, which is how TO DO IN Prague was born. 

Under her guidance and following in her footsteps with a passion for sharing the Czech Republic and Prague with the rest of the world, she has gathered together others who are as enchanted and as mesmerized by the captivating presence that one feels while living here.  

The TO DO IN Prague team is comprised of both local Czechs, mainly hailing from the Capital of Prague, as well as several international wanderers who have chosen to settle down and make Prague their home. We all jump at the opportunity to lend a hand to all who are interested in knowing more about the Czech Republic and about Prague and to those who are looking to come explore our city and country. 

Due to our local roots, we already knew or were able to find, assess and combine the best tour guides, tour itineraries, hotels, accommodations and services available in the Czech Republic. That way we know that each trip, tour and package deal we offer is top of the line, reflecting our professional pride and ceaseless need for perfection. 

Let us find, facilitate, create and manage your best trip ever, in Prague and in the Czech Republic.

View of Prague Castle at night from the river
Gorgeous stainglass windows in a Prague church
Czech beer and pretzels make the perfect midday snack in Prague
The impressive St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle

Our Mission

To offer you an amazing experience in Prague and our Bohemian country, the Czech Republic. We are a professional and legal licensed travel agency. We focus on local experiences which add value and enrich the lives of our clients, while always keeping in mind the protection of the environment and respect for the local inhabitants.


​​We, the founders and employees of TO DO IN Prague, believe that travel is a fundamental part of each and every one of our lives.

We believe that through travel, we enrich our lives, the lives of the ones we meet on our travels and the lives of the ones we return to. 

We believe that travel is even more essential in our current times. It allows us to experience something unique, real and out of the norm of our daily lives. 

We believe that you grow as an individual with each exciting adventure, each new encounter and each enlightening morsel of knowledge you absorb during your travels. 


We hope that our love and respect for our country, our beloved Czech Republic, shows through in all we do and that it becomes contagious to our clients as well. 

We work for a better world in which we are more aware of protecting the environment, our planet and where travelling is respectful of the local people and brings happiness in an authentic way, more than just to as a means of consumption. 

And we wish that these sentiments compel all those who visit our wonderful country to reach out and do something that will benefit the places they visit and the people they meet. 


TO DO IN Prague offers tours, trips and services to visitors, wanderers and guests from across the globe who are visiting the Czech Republic and wish to experience this amazing historical corner of our planet, which is foreign to so many.

We build on a lifetime of living in Prague and traveling around the Czech Republic, as native Czechs and transplants, not to mention a lifelong love and respect for our country, its nature, its people and its history. Which is how we can guarantee the finest and highest quality excursions, outings and sightseeing adventures available in the Czech Republic. 

We are passionate about the environment and believe that each and every person can do their own part to help protect the greatest resources in the world, which is why we are involved in promoting ways in which all guests can lend a helping hand. When and where possible, we make every effort to make all tours and trips as eco-friendly as possible. 

Check out our page on saving water while traveling in Czech Republic

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Exceptional, dedicated travel professionals, ensuring that your trip to the Czech Republic fulfills your dreams.
Nikola Slavíková
Marketing manager: running and operating our website, social media, and promotions. Niky is here to attend to our partners and providers.
Zdeněk Volek
Head of Administration: managing and facilitating all documentation and procedures regarding services and partners, and the Czech distribution.
Lynn Puzzo
Product manger: preparing tours, tailoring each to meet the requirements of our guests. Lynn also takes care of our guides and partners.
Milena Kovácsová
Head Accountant: maintaining an efficient and successful running of our finances so that we can work better with our clients, providers and partners.
Jan Růžička
Executive Director: curating the vision and the mission of the company, supervising the direction that we are heading.
Zuzana Růžičková
CEO, Managing Director: founder and guide in one. Zuzana founded a specialized professional travel agency in 2006.


Our agents are at your disposal from 09:00 to 18:00 every day. We are happy to assist you. We will attend to you quickly and directly. We take pride in our dedication to our business and our customers.
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