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Visitors and travelers from around the globe have come to visit Prague and have worked with To Do In Prague, granting them an exceptional experience, and giving us motivation to keep providing excellent service and tours.

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We are pleased to work with and for people who love to travel, who love to discover and who love to learn. We have helped people from every corner of the globe enjoy their time while visiting Prague and the Czech Republic.
Pack Your Bags
You're ready to set off on a new adventure. Set sail for a magical, fairy tale land.
Car Service
We offer private car services for arrivals, departures and all around.
We've selected the top hotels in Prague to ensure you have a comfy stay.
We can make you a reservation at the top restaurants in Prague so that you don't miss out on some great meals.
Castles and Churches
Prague is world famous for its beautiful architecture. Come see why.
The nature and mountains surrounding Prague are a wonderful place to visit for a retreat from the city.


YOU, our clients make us different. We have been so lucky and so happy to have found clients such as yourselves who are looking for more than the typical travel experience. Our clients want something unique, something that goes beyond seeing the surface of the city of Prague and dives deeper into its history, culture and people.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients have continually reported high satisfaction rates with our support and services.

Great Travels

They love the unique travel experiences that only we offer.

Would Return

Say they would love to come back to Prague and visit and would definitely recommend us to a friend.


Our clients believe that our dedication to providing high class experiences and excellent service is evident from start to end.


We always collect feedback from our clients so that we can provide better care and help during their time in Prague and the Czech Republic. Have a look at what our clients say about To Do In Prague and our staff.
Two sisters who traveled together in Prague, good review of To Do In Prague

We loved Prague!

This was the first time my sister and I traveled alone together and it was so great to have To Do In Prague help us plan our whole trip. They took care of all of the details and gave us an itinerary which left us feeling that we saw everything Prague has to offer. Thanks so much!

Lindsay McCarthy

Traveled to Prague
Family traveling in Prague with To Do In Prague.

Wonderful Memories

Thank you very much to the staff at To Do In Prague. Our family had a very nice time traveling in Prague but also outside of Prague. There were a lot of fun activities for our kids. They didn’t complain once about being bored!

Lee Family

Traveled to Kutna Hora
Single guy traveling in Prague with To Do in Prague

Simply Fantastic!

I’m always looking for something new and different when I travel. And as a photographer I need constant inspiration and beauty. That’s why my time in and around Prague was the perfect trip. To Do In Prague planned a great 5 day trip for me which included some other cities and towns outside of Prague. All of them well worth the trip. Thanks.

David Morelos

Traveled to Cesky Krumlov


We have also been lucky to work with some larger groups from companies, near and far from Prague. We thank our corporate partners for entrusting us with their travel plans for themselves and their employees.

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