Corona Virus in Prague, Czech Republic

Ministry of Health and Government in Prague, Czech Republic are instrumental in preventing the coronavirus.


The Czech Republic is slowly reducing restrictions originally set in place by the state-wide quarantine measures and businesses are slowly opening. Numbers of COVID-19 patients are decreasing day by day.

Please read below for the latest updates about the current COVID-19 epidemic crisis in the Czech Republic. To Do In Prague is keeping all those interested in our beautiful nation up-to-date with breaking news about how the coronavirus is affecting our country. If you are interested in visiting us in the near future, check out why Prague and the Czech Republic is the ideal place to travel to after the COVID-19 crisis.

Latest update: 28.05.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Monday, May 25 saw the opening of all businesses and facilities throughout the Czech Republic, the first time that such has happened in over two months, since the initial shutdown of most non-essential businesses back in March due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Also on Monday, other restrictions or measures that had been put into place over the last 2 months have lightened or lifted completely. This includes the designed shopping hours for senior citizen residents, which had originally set aside the hours of 8 – 10 AM for Czech residents over the age of  60. As of Monday, there are no further designated shopping times.

The use of face masks or some facial shield has also been lightened but not lifted completely. Those who cannot practice the social distancing practice of maintaining at least 2 meters of space between another while out in public spaces, those in such establishments such as shops and stores and those riding public transportation still must use some facial shield over their mouth and nose. But this does allow those who are able to practice social distancing to forgo the use of a face mask.

There has been a slight lifting of travel and border restrictions also this week. Now it is possible to travel to Hungary and Slovakia for up to 48 hours without the need to take a COVID-19 test either before or after the trip and without the need to go into quarantine.

For some lighter updates from Prague, check out these articles on the birth of TWO new baby elephants, Prague’s dance scene’s thank you to front line workers and the latest trend hitting Prague this summer. Click on the photos below to read this updates.

Baby elephant born in Prague today, March 27ballet-dancer-prague-rooftopsprague-drive-in-movie-theater

Latest update: 20.05.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Monday saw the highest number new of coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic since April 21 with 111, however there were no deaths reports this day. Yesterday, Tuesday, May 19th, there was a decrease from the previous day in new cases at only 61, but there were two reports deaths. The current number of COVID-19 related deaths stands at 302.

As of Monday May 18th, Czech Airlines has resumed several daily flights. Three flights took off from Prague’s  Václav Havel Airport on Monday to Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. There should be new flights starting to Stockholm and Bucharest in the next few days as well as to Kyiv and Odessa.

There continue to be flights from other operators which already resumed earlier this month. They include:

  • Eurowings Airlines has connections to Dussledorf
  • KLM is flying daily to Amsterdam
  • Bulgaria Air has flights to Sofia
  • Belavia is flying to Minsk

In the continual fight to slow the spread of COVID-19 through the Czech population, the Czech Ministry of Health releases 3 new measures yesterday which lay out guidelines to follow. The first of them refers to the use of face masks or some facial shield in public places, which will remain in effect for the time being. Yesterday, May 19th, the Ministry of Health extended the use of masks past the previous date of 25 May. This applies to anywhere in public spaces where people cannot safely maintain 2 meters of distance between themselves and others. This continuation of the present regulation does not apply to children under age 2, nor to children in most school-like settings. There are also other stipulations to the ruling, such as certain professions and those working within offices which can be found on the Czech Ministry of Health’s page here.

Another order in place from the Czech government speaks to the prohibition of entrance of those from the public into establishments between the hours of 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM. For more information regarding this, please see the ministry’s latest measures here.

And the third update in coronavirus regulations and restrictions from the Czech Ministry of Health states that from May 25 until further notice, no more than 300 people may gather together in one place at one time.

Latest update: 14.05.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The past several days have brought a slight increase in the number of cases and deaths for those affected by the coronavirus in the Czech Republic. Since the government has slowly started to reopen the economy in late April and businesses have begun to operate once again, the number of total in cases of COVID-19 had been below 100. However, yesterday – Wednesday May 13 – alone, there were 48 reported new cases as well as 2 deaths, bringing the total to 290.

In regards to the loosening of social distancing restrictions: the government’s latest report says that as of May 25th, the use of face masks will no longer be mandated in outdoor public places, as long as one can maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between others. However, it will still be mandatory to wear them while indoors such as offices, shops, and while on public transportation.

As of this Monday, May 11th, many businesses have opened their doors again, although all are required to follow strict social distancing safety practices.This includes the availability of hand sanitizer at the entrances to the facilities and the ability for customers to remain 1.5 meters apart from one another. Some businesses such as hair salons and barbershops are required to have double the protection: face masks and a face shield in place and must disinfect all surfaces between seeing each new client.

The Prague Zoo, one of the most visited and beloved attraction in the city, opened up just two weeks ago on April 27 and has been accepting up to 8,000 visitors per day. And in the midst of all of this, they also welcomed a baby elephant, the second in two months.

Shopping centers, outdoor gardens of restaurants and bars have opened to the public. Churches, cinemas, theaters and museums are also permitted to open and are only limited by the maximum number of people allowed at once, which is set to 100 people. If you are currently in Prague, then check out the latest about the rise of outdoor drive-in movie theaters and cinemas which are making a big come back.

Sports facilities and team sports are now allowed to take place for up 10 people. The facilities are allowed to open the toilets but showers and locker rooms must remained closed for the time being.

Some schools have begun to resume classes and some more will open again in the coming weeks. Each individual school has their own plans and measures of how to maintain social distancing norms while creating a learning environment.

Latest update: 07.5.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

In the past week there have been many updates and changes regarding the current situation of the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic. Please read on further for updates about the number of cases of COVID-19 within the country as well as the lock down and quarantine measures that will (or won’t) remain in place throughout the next several weeks, including the use of face masks.

There were 38 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, May 4th. On Tuesday, there were 9,000 tests administered and 77 came back positive which is an increase not only in pure numbers but also in percentage from 0.5 to 0.85 of all tests.

In general, the Czech Ministry of Health is pleased with the number of cases overall for its citizens. Similar to neighboring countries, the Czech Republic has released numbers which show that at the most congested of areas, there was only a 5% infection rate.

From May 11th, it will again be possible to visit shopping centers, outdoor gardens in restaurants or go for culture events. Large group events for up to 100 people, some services or school activities will also be allowed.

Borders will remain closed until June 13th at the earliest.

Expired visas of foreigners living in CR can remain in the Czech Republic for the time being.

Non-EU citizens will be allowed to enter the CR for seasonal work starting May 11th.

Four regular daily flights are being offered from Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport. During the quarantine Belavia Belarusian Airlines and Bulgarian Airlines both had bi-weekly flights to and from Prague to Minsk and Sofia. As of this week, two more destinations have been added, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. 

Those returning will have to follow the current government mandated quarantine regulations which stipulates that they take and pass (negative results) a coronavirus test or remain in quarantine for 14 days.

IKEA will reopen on May 11th, however the bistro and children’s corner will remain closed for now and the number of shoppers able to enter the store at any one given time will be controlled and limited.

The use of face masks will remain in place and will NOT be lifted on May 17th as has been the rumor, thanks in part to UKS member Roman Šmucler. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch reminded people that the wearing of face masks is not tied directly to the current quarantine measures and should continue despite the fact that the lockdown is slowly being lifted.

If you were waiting for the traditional monthly national alarm to sound yesterday, Wednesday May 6th at noon, then you would have been waiting a long time. The Czech Fire Corps made the decision to forego this month’s test so as to not insight further pandemic in the streets.

Latest update: 29.4.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Over the weekend and at the start of this week, there have been several major developments concerning the number of cases of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic as well as many changes with regards to the opening of several categories of businesses.

Per the second step in the planned 5-step process of re-opening the economy of the Czech Republic, as of Monday, April 27, shops up to 2,500 m², driving schools, gyms and fitness without facilities, services for up to 15 people, libraries and outdoor areas of the zoos and botanical gardens are now all open. The Prague Zoo opened Monday, although only their outdoor facilities and exhibits and tickets must be bought online in advance. Those visiting the zoo can hope to see the new baby elephant which was born last month.

Also re-opening after having been closed for 40 days due to health and safety concerns of COVID-19 is Škoda Auto. The car manufacturer had originally shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and now it has instated new safety procedures which will allow employees to return to work while following the social distancing precautions.

In entertainment and leisure news, two new projects have launched a total of 3 new drive-in movie theaters in Prague. This will allow movie and theater lovers to attend screenings of movies as well as live theater and music performances from the safety of their cars, while observing social distancing.

And after much debate, the committee behind the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has decided to cancel the historic event this year in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. This year would have been the 55th year of the international film festival, but that will take place next year, in 2021. However, many of the films will be shown online and in select theaters throughout the country.

On Monday it was reported that there were only 41 new cases of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, which was the lowest since March 13. However, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday rose by 59 to a total of 7504 in the entire country of the Czech Republic. Although the daily increase is slightly higher than the previous two days, it has remained below 100 for the seventh day in a row.

Latest update: 24.4.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

There was late breaking news yesterday in which the Czech government has relaxed their restrictions which had been put in place in mid March in order to curb the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the country, many restrictions, including freedom of movement and border crossing, were put into place, but now the government has concluded that these restrictions can begin to be lifted or lightened as the country has managed to keep the number of cases and deaths down and are now more fully prepared to handle any future surges in cases.

It was announced late yesterday that citizens and residents of the Czech Republic are now, as of Friday, April 24th, free to move around in groups of up to 10 people. The previous limit had been 2 until today.

In addition, the borders will be relaxed in order to allow Czech citizens and residents to come and go freely. However, anyone returning to the Czech Republic will be mandated to take a coronavirus test and if they test positive, they will need to remain in quarantine for two weeks. For commuters, who work across the border, they may cross daily but will need to take a test every 14 days.

This relaxation at the borders will not pertain to visitors or tourists to the Czech Republic however, and the current restrictions will still apply.

Latest update: 22.4.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The latest updates regarding the situation of the coronavirus outbreak in Prague and the Czech Republic are as follows.

As of Monday, April 20th, farmers’ markets, craft stores, university exams and weddings with a total of 10 attendees have been permitted. This is the first step in a 5-step process that the Ministry of Health, in conjugation with the Czech government, has devised to slowly and (hopefully) safely reopen the Czech economy after the closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Next Monday stores under 200 squared meters will also be allowed to reopen.

In other updates, the Ministry of Health is launching a study to determine the level of collective immunity in the Czech population against COVID-19. About 27,000 people across a broad spectrum of the population, will be carefully selected population groups from four locations to be tested. These four locations will be: Prague, Brno (and its surrounding regions), Olomouc (and surrounding regions) and Litoměřice. The sample will be taken from test subjects who fit the following description: individuals who are healthy, with no previous evidence of an upper respiratory tract disease and have not previously been confirmed to have had COVID-19. Participants in the study will be mainly adults from Prague and Brno as well as children above the age of 8 years old.

“We are launching a unique study of collective immunity to coronavirus. We want to find out how much of the population has encountered the infection or how different age groups are with immunity. Thanks to this, we will better understand the situation and create a prediction of development , ” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.

Subscriptions begin April 23. For those who would like to participate and meet the restrictions they may do so by presenting themselves at one of the following locations from April 23 on, with their identity card or health insurance card on hand:

Prague – Náměstí Míru
10:00 – 20:00 (for persons aged 18-59)

Prague – Zítkovy sady
10:00 – 20:00 (for persons aged 18-59)

Prague – Kateřinská garden
10:00 – 15:00 (for persons over 60 years)
15:00 – 20:00 (for children and adolescents)

Brno – Moravské náměstí
8:00 – 18:00
8: 00-10: 00 (for persons over 60 years of age)

Brno – Bohunice, parking in front of Campus MU
8:00 – 18:00
8: 00-10: 00 (for persons over 60 years of age)

Olomouc – Hypermarket Globus
8:00 – 18:00
8: 00-10: 00 (for persons over 60 years of age)

Litovel – in front of the Billa supermarket
8:00 – 18:00
8: 00-10: 00 (for persons over 60 years of age)

Uničov – Náměstí Osvobození
8:00 – 18:00
8: 00-10: 00 (for persons over 60 years of age)

Litoměřice – the place will be specified
8:00 – 18:00
8: 00-10: 00 (for persons over 60 years of age)

For more information regarding the study, please see here:

Latest update: 15.4.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Late yesterday, April 14th, the Czech government announced encouraging and promising news concerning the latest developments of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic. From Prague, the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade and Transport Karel Havlíček announced the plans to open many businesses by late May. The entire process will consist of a 5-step approach which will slowly open up many businesses which have been closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Prague and the Czech Republic. 

This new plan is set to start next Monday, April 20th. Below we have listed the dates and which businesses will open on them.

Step 1: Monday, April 20th:
-training facilities for professional athletes, car shops and showrooms, farmers markets, and tradesmen with physical shops
-wedding celebrations with 10 or fewer guests

Step 2: Monday, April 27th:
-stores under 200 square meters, except stores found in malls over 5000 square meters

Step 3: May 11th:
-stores up to 1000 square meters in size
-driving schools.
-gyms and fitness centers (changing rooms or shower facilities will not be opened)

Step 4: May 25:
-outdoor restaurants, pubs and cafes
-hairdressers, barbershops, manicure salons, spas and massage parlors, museums, galleries and zoos (outdoor areas only)

Step 5: June 8th:
-all restaurants, pubs and cafes
-shopping malls over 5000 square meters
-castles, tattoo parlors, and theaters
-wedding parties of all sizes
-mass events for up to 50 attendees
-cinemas  (although this date could change and is not officially part of the 5-step plan for reopening businesses in the Czech Republic)

In response to the question concerning whether or not citizens and residents within the Czech Republic need to continue wearing masks, the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, said that this will safety measure will remain in place and will not stop in the foreseeable future.

All of the above steps are subject to several caveats. Each business and venue must be prepared to offer any customer or client the ability to follow proper social distancing practices. Also, all of the above mentioned steps can be modified or edited depending on how the previous step has affected the current situation of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic. 

Latest update: 7.4.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Late yesterday afternoon there was new, breaking news from the Czech Ministry of Health. The Minister of Health, announced from Prague, that the measures taken to combat the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic will finally be reduced or softened for the first time in over three weeks.

Starting today, April 7, policies surrounding participation in sports will begin to be lifted. Those practicing individual sports such as running, biking or walking and in some cases, playing tennis, will be able to, including without the need to use a mask unless they are within 2 meters of another person. For those attending facilities where they will practice these sports, the individuals must always maintain a distance of 2 meters and the facilities must provide disinfectant. Also, while tennis and badminton courts may be opened, showers and locker rooms will remain closed. In addition, this does not apply to any sort of group sporting event.

The news about the COVID-19 outbreak practices also extends to other businesses which will begin to open as of April 9. The businesses which will be allowed to re-open after 3 weeks of closure will include sales in hobby markets, building and construction products, hardware stores, bicycle shops and services.

The Ministry of Health hopes that following Easter next week, more shops and businesses will open as well, extending this softening of protocol will include children’s shops, shoe stores, and stationary stores. This is due to take place as of April 14, after the 4-day holiday weekend.

The Czech Ministry of Health is also considering lifting parts of the travel ban to and from certain countries, although, all those arriving would still be obliged to remain under quarantine for 2 weeks if and when returning from abroad.

These new, less restrictive measures concerning the coronavirus in the Czech Republic will only go forward as long as the situation continues or improves as it has been in recent days, according to the Czech government.

The Czech Republic has posted relatively low numbers in recent days, compared to such countries as the United States, Italy and Spain.

Number of People Tested for the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 885,014
Number of People Infected by the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 4,822
Number of People Cured of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 121
Number of Deaths due to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 78

Many attribute these numbers to the use of face masks in the Czech Republic and even some international outlets have noticed and are writing about our situation here. USA Today, a well-known American newspaper recently posted this article. And the #masks4all video has been sweeping the world. This video and its international campaign was created by several Czech scientists, entrepreneurs and investors to provide masks, as well as information to the whole world about the positive effects of the use of masks outside of the home.

Latest update: 2.4.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The Czech Ministry of Health reported yesterday in a press briefing that they believe the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic is being handled well and is developing in line with statistical models provided by the Institute of Health. The number of those being tested is above the average of those countries, leaving the government feeling confident that they are providing adequate services to the citizens and residents of the Czech Republic.

As of late last night 1.4 these are the numbers being reported of those people affected by COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.

Number of People Tested for the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 55,017
Number of People Infected by the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 3,589
Number of People Cured of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 61
Number of Deaths due to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 39

Yesterday the Czech government approved a bill which allows police officers to fine any and all people on the spot for violations of any of the mandates which have been instated regarding behavior and movement during this current coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic. The bill is still waiting to be passed by both houses of the Czech parliament before it is signed into law.

These fines can reach 10,000 czk for such offenses such as not using a mouth and nose covering while outside their homes and gathering in groups of more than 2 people at a time in public places.

Latest update: 31.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The situation of the coronavirus in Prague continues to affect many citizens within the Czech Republic as government and health officials work daily to instate new mandates which they hope will slow the spread of the coronavirus throughout the Czech Republic.

Here are the latest numbers of those affected by COVID-19 in the Czech Republic as of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday March 31, 2020:

Number of People Tested for the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 48,811
Number of People Infected by the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 3,002
Number of People Cured of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 25
Number of Deaths due to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 24

There have been several changes in the mandates and protocol that Czech Health officials have announced in recent days.

As of yesterday, children under the age of 2-years-old and those driving alone in their cars will no longer be obliged to wear face masks. The Ministry of Health noted that a face mask may make it difficult for children of this age to breathe and so they have altered a previous mandate.

Another recent change is that people may not gather in groups of more than 2 people at anytime while outside their houses. Previously it was possible to be more if you were with those with whom you live, but this has been amended as such.

In addition, the deadline of April 1st for the closure of businesses has been extended till at least Easter, April 12th. This means that all businesses which have been closed for the last 2 and a half weeks will remain closed until this date. It is possible that this date will be extended even more as the time approaches. Stay tuned for more updates.

Latest update: 28.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The Czech Republic’s latest updates concerning the number of those tested, infected, and recovered and those who have died was last updated earlier this morning. They are as follows:
Number of People Tested for the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 36,374
Number of People Infected by the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 2,422
Number of People Cured of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 11
Number of Deaths due to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic: 9

To continue in the battle in the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Prague and the entire state of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health has issued new mandates and guidelines that it urges all residents of the Czech Republic to follow.

Yesterday, March 27th, the Ministry of Health announced that certain professions should take proper care by using the specific respirators and masks. Some of these professions include medical and healthcare workers, supermarket workers, and emergency personal. The ministry released a detailed layout of the types of respirators and masks that these professionals should wear. The full list can be found here on the Czech Ministry of Health’s coronavirus website.

In further news, in connection with the increased risk of transmission of infection between clients and employees of retirement homes and inpatient facilities of social service providers, the Ministry of Health issued extreme regime and organizational measures to ensure maximum protection of the most vulnerable population.

This will be achieved by a stricter adherence to hygiene and safety protocol when working with patients or residents of retirement home and inpatient facilities. Also, employees of these facilities should monitor the situation of all their clients more closely and more often. Sick and health patients and residents should be separated as to avoid possible infection.

The final update in the Czech Ministry of Health’s regime for slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic concerns third parties in attendance at medical facilities. Effective as of today, March 28, all healthcare providers are prohibited from allowing third parties to be present at a healthcare facility, except in specific cases, such as a foreigner who might need interpretation, one who has severe mental illness, is deaf, blind or has other serious problems, disability and where a stillbirth is expected.

Latest update: 26.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

In the latest news regarding the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health was proud to announce yesterday that there will be most respirators for medical staff at hospitals and medical facilitates from this point going forward. Within several days the Ministry of Health will receive 30,000 ReSpimask protective masks which come in the form of a donation from Respilon, the Czech company which produces them. These masks are highly advanced and much safer and more effective in the spread of COVID-19 among Czech residents.

Compared to conventional non-woven textile mouthpieces, these ReSpimasks catch 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and protect both its user and those around it. Previously, despite the government’s mandate that all people much wear face masks when in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Prague, traditional face masks only prevent those who are infected from infecting others, they do not protect those who are not infected from potentially catching COVID-19.

The new masks will immediately go to hospitals. A long-term cooperation was also established with the company, which will ensure regular supplies of protective equipment to the Czech healthcare system. Starting in April, Respilon will be supplying 10,000 ReSpimask protective face masks per week to the Ministry of Health who will then distribute them to medical professionals.

This will be vital to the continued effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Prague and throughout the country as it will allow doctors and all medical professionals to safely treat and administer to patients who are infected.

There has also been another update concerning the movement of all those within Czech borders. As it has been for the last 2 weeks, travel outside of the home is limited to the most urgent and necessary trips. In addition, in the latest update by the Ministry of Health has announced that a maximum of two people, except for members of the household, occupation, business or other similar activity or participation in a funeral, shall be allowed to gather together in public places. Furthermore, travel restrictions on urgent official affairs, outdoor activities or attendance at funerals are also excluded. At the same time it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters when contacting other persons, if possible.

These emergency measures are implemented until the 1st of April for now, with the possibility of extension in the coming week.

Latest update: 24.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

As the coronavirus epidemic within Prague and the Czech Republic at large continues to manifest and spread, the Czech government has modified and prolonged several restrictions that have been in place for the last 2 weeks.

In order to curb the infection rate of COVID-19 in the country, these are the latest updates about measures to slow the coronavirus spread;

  • the emergency measure limiting the freedom of movement of all Czech residents until Tuesday, March 24, (today), will be prolonged until April 1, 6:00 am due to the development of the pandemic coronavirus in the Czech Republic .
  • the closure of retail and service sales, ban on the public in restaurants, restriction on the operation of offices will also continue until April 1
  • starting Wednesday, March 25, the previous ban on those under the age of 50 being able to shop between the hours of 10:00 am to 12:00 pm has now shifted to the hours of 8.00 am to 10.00 am

The Czech Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, announced yesterday that in its latest step towards slowing the spread of the coronavirus in Prague as well as in the Czech Republic, he has signed a memorandum in which the Ministry of Health will work in cooperation with the Czech Technical University of Prague (CTU). This cooperation between TRIX Connections, a Czech start-up, and CTU will be joining forces to supply Czech hospitals with respirators that fulfill the highest level of safety FFP3 developed by Czech Technical University, which are produced on 3D printers.

Other ministries, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and several others have also put into place new legislation which seek to improve the conditions of the workers and the economy within the Czech Republic. This includes a larger stimulus package, a forgiveness on payment into social security and public health for free lancers and aid to farmers to maintain crop and livestock production.

Latest update: 23.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic in Prague continues to spread among the population as health officials and personnel work to document all cases and provide the public with the necessary data.

The latest updates of number of COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic from the Ministry of Health are as of March 22:

Tested: 15584
Infected: 1120
Cured: 6
Deaths: 1

The Ministry of Health has taken an emergency measure that regulates the prescription of Plaquenil to ensure that it is sufficient for patients infected with coronavirus. Emergency measures have been taken in connection with the adverse development of the epidemiological situation in the incidence of COVID-19 caused by new coronavirus in the Czech Republic. The measure shall take effect on 22 March 2020 at 18.00.

There will be very strict limitations on who can write a prescription and who can fill a prescription in order to ensure that only doctors with proper education and experience in such specializations as immunology and clinical immunology, infectious medicine will have this responsibility.

Latest update: 20.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The Health Ministry in Prague continues to issue new mandates concerning the matter of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic. Their latest ‘extraordinary measure’ involves banning all non-necessary personnel or visitors in hospitals or healthcare facilities. This will extend to the presence of fathers at births. This measure is deemed to be necessary in order to decrease the number of visitors and guests in hospitals thereby protecting patients and segments of the population who are vulnerable during this COVID-19 outbreak. This does not apply to the presence of a parent or guardian for youths and minors, patients with limited legal capacity or terminal terminal incurable diseases.

Yesterday the Ministry of Health and health insurance companies in the Czech Republic held negotiations to establish best practices in dealing with the increased demand of healthcare providers. Health insurance companies are currently making every effort to ensure the necessary health care for their insured and stable funding of health service providers. Advance payments for physicians providing the necessary healthcare even under the current conditions will not be reduced and health insurance companies are prepared in individual cases to increase advance payments to those providers who face increased costs related to COVID-19. This measure will stabilize the financial flows of providers and their expected development.

Latest update: 19.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Yesterday health officials announced that their latest course of action to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Prague and the Czech Republic will be to dedicate 2 hours per day in which ONLY people over the age of 65 will be allowed to enter grocery stores. All those under the age of 65 are NOT allowed in food shops between the hours of 10 am and 12 pm as of today, March 19th. This is intended to protect this segment of the population which is more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus by lowering their interaction with other segments of the population.

Furthermore, there is an obligation to wear respiratory protective equipment (respirator, mask, face mask, scarf, or other means to prevent the spread of COVID-19 via droplets) when moving about in all places outside of their homes.

The Ministry of Health has also announced that some patients will not be admitted to healthcare facilities with some exceptions. For those exceptions, please see more information here:

In addition, in reaction to the growing number of cases of the coronavirus in Prague and the Czech Republic, a further prohibition will be instated in which new patients for the purpose of providing spa and rehabilitation care will not be accepted at this point going forward, for the foreseeable future.

Latest update: 18.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Yesterday Tuesday, 17 March 2020, in the latest response to curb the continued spread of the coronavirus in Prague and the Czech Republic, a proposal by the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, to ban the export of drugs in connection with the coronavirus epidemic was adopted.

In addition, as the Czech Republic moves forward with measures in which to slow or spread the COVID-19 outbreak from further harm, the Ministry of Health issued a decision temporarily authorizing the distribution, supply and use of the non-authorized medicinal product Remdesivir. The medicine will be used in patients in the Czech Republic who have a confirmed coronavirus infection.

According to Gilead Sciences, an American biotechnical company who invented the treatment, “Remdesivir is an investigational nucleotide analog with broad-spectrum antiviral activity.” (

Remdesivir will be for available for administration to patients in the Czech Republic who are hospitalized, confirmed to have COVID-19 and require medical ventilation. Remdesivir will be delivered to health service providers based on an application approved by the manufacturer via its website.

And as a final update on the latest involving the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic, on Monday, March 16th, the first meeting of the Central Crisis Staff (Ústředního krizového štábu (ÚKŠ)), took place. They set about assigning tasks to the members such as: defining the number of cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic; specifying the locations of the necessary infrastructure within the areas of energy, trade and transport; and proposing to centralize the logistics and distribution of protective equipment or other commodities needed to cope with the current situation by the next meeting, which is set for this Friday, March 20th.

Latest update: 17.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Today is day two in which the movement of all citizens and residents in the Czech Republic has been restricted due to the current coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic. COVID-19 has caused the closure and cancellation of many events as well as limited where people can go and what they can do. In addition, borders have been closed from those coming and going depending on their status in the Czech Republic. (Please see below in updates from the previous few days for more details about who can and cannot enter and leave the Czech Republic due to the coronavirus outbreak in Prague and the Czech Republic.)

Starting today, Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, acute inpatient health service providers shall limit the implementation of planned medical interventions to those which are strictly necessary, however the health status of patients for whom such medical interventions were planned will be taken into account. The purpose of this measure is to ensure sufficient personnel, material and technical capacities to treat patients with COVID-19.

In connection with the current development regarding the spread of new coronavirus in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic launched a Virtual Sister Anežka (Agnes) chatbot in cooperation with IBM. The chatbot will help people navigate the site’s information as well as help refer people to live operators if necessary or other info lines. Chatbot Agnes will gradually learn new topics and evolve with both site content and questions. Currently the Virtual Sister Anežka is only operating in Czech.

Virtual sister Agnes chatbot released by the Czech Ministry of Health

Latest update: 16.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

Yesterday the Czech Republic’s government decided to take sharper measures to stop the growing coronavirus outbreak in Prague as well as throughout the Czech Republic. As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the country, further mandates were added to the already declared state of emergency which was announced late Friday, March 13. Previously the state of emergency ordered that most stores, shops and businesses where the public could gather to be closed from March 14th through March 24th. Now the state of emergency will extend to include the movement of all people within the Czech Republic. Starting on March 16, (today) at 00:00 until March 24 at 6:00, “the free movement of persons within the territory of the Czech Republic is prohibited, with the exception of travel to work, medical facilities, family and other necessary trips.” (

Today, March 16, is also the day in which the situation of the coronavirus in Prague and Czech Republic will begin to have stronger impact on those traveling in and out of the country.

Those returning to the Czech Republic (citizens and residents) may do so, but will have to remain under quarantine for 2 weeks.  Tourists are no longer able to enter the Czech Republic at all.

Czech citizens may NOT leave the Czech Republic at this point. Foreign nationals and travelers may leave, but will not be able to return during this current situation involving the coronavirus in Prague.

For more updates regarding the situation of the coronavirus and COVID-19 in Prague and in the Czech Republic, please stay tuned.

Latest update: 15.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID-19

The Czech Republic has officially declared a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Prague and the whole country. The effects of the coronavirus has and will continue to have significance impact on the lives of all those living and working in the Czech Republic.

The latest updates about the situation of the coronavirus in Prague can be found here. All information is directly sourced from the Czech government’s new page devoted entirely to the subject of current cases, procedures, travel bans, and business closures in regards to COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.

In connection to the travel bans and business closures due to the spread of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, here is a summary of yesterdays information regarding travel into and out of the Czech Republic for Czech citizens, foreigners living in the Czech Republic and foreigners not living in the Czech Republic (for a more detailed version, see yesterday’s updates below)

  • foreigners coming from high-risk (*see the list further down) areas are banned (unless possessing a visa which is valid for more than 90 days (with exceptions)
  • Czech citizens and foreigners (with a visa valid for more than 90 days) going to high-risk areas are banned (with exceptions)
  • visa appointments and processing has been temporarily put on halt
  • the Czech Republic’s borders have been severely tightened
  • there are only 11 specified points of entry/exit between Germany and Austria with the Czech Republic
  • the borders with Slovakia are not currently closed
  • bars, restaurants and cafes are not closed to the public, HOWEVER, they may remain open if they have a window or take-away services
  • most stores and shops are closed (excluding ones deemed necessary: including grocery stores, pharmacies, pet shops, electronic stores, and fuel stations)
  • all public gathers in places such as festivals, sports arenas, theaters, gyms, schools and conferences are prohibited
  • list of current ‘high-risk’ countries include:
  • China
    South Korea
    The Netherlands
    United Kingdom
Latest update: 14.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID 19

The current situation involving the spread of the coronavirus through Prague and the Czech Republic has taken on more serious and strict measures within the last 24 hours. As COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic rise, as well as in other countries the government is taking firm courses of action with the hope of slowing and stopping the spread of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic.

On Thursday, (12th of March) at 2 p.m. the Czech Republic government made the decision to reinforce their national borders with neighboring states with the hopes that this will prevent the number of COVID-19 from increasing. Please see below for a list of current border crossing which are still open:

  • 1) Places to cross EU internal borders
    Road borders:
     Dolní Dvořiště – Wullowitz
     České Velenice – Gmünd
     Hatě – Kleinhaugsdorf
     Mikulov – Drasenhofen
    Road borders:
     Strážný – Phillippsreut
     Pomezí nad Ohří – Schirnding
     Rozvadov-dálnice – Waidhaus
     Folmava – Furth im Wald/Schafberg
     Železná Ruda – Bayerisch Eisenstein
     Krásný Les – Breitenau
     H. Sv. Šebestiána – Reitzenhain
     Praha/Ruzyně (Vaclav Havel Airport)
     Praha/Kbely
    2) Other places to cross internal borders
    *This applies only to people with specific reasons (work) to cross from 5:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m.
    Road borders:
     Vratěnín – Oberurnau
     Valtice – Schrattenberg
     Nová Bystřice – Grametten
     Hevlín – Laa an der Thaya
    Road borders:
     Všeruby – Eschlam
     Jiříkov – Neugersdorf
     Vojtanov –Schönberg
     Cínovec – Altenberg
    (source: Czech Ministry of Interior’s official website:

In addition to this extra reinforcement at both land an air borders, the Czech government has decided to instate further restrictions on the movement of people living within the Czech Republic in order to prevent the further spreading of COVID-19 throughout the country.

Starting Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 6:00 am to March 24, 2020 to 6:00 am, a state mandated closure of all stores will occur. Some stores and shops which are considered vital will remain opened with restricted houses. This includes: grocery stores, pharmacies and the like, fuel stations, computer and consumer electronics, and pet shops. This can and will be extended depending on the situation at the end of this 10 day mandatory closing.
(more information:

And the restriction for both foreigners entering and leaving the country, as well as Czech citizens and residents doing the same, is and will be significantly restricted in the following month.

Please see the charts below for further information:

from 13-16 of March: travel restrictions for Czech citizens and foreigners, into and out of Czech Republic

travel restrictions for Czech citizens and foreigners, into and out of Czech Republic

Latest update: 13.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID 19

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Prague and the Czech Republic continues to rise at a steady rate. The official count on the Czech Ministry of Health’s page says that the newest number is 96 cases of the COVID-19 virus.

The biggest update of the day is the decision by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and the government which together have decided to take strict measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus in Prague and the Czech Republic at large.

Starting at midnight on Friday evening, there will be an additional check on the country’s borders with Austria and Germany. This will reduce the number of border crossing around the country to 11.

In addition, there will be a ban for Czech traveling to high-risk areas as well as for foreigners from high-risk countries traveling to the Czech Republic.

Foreigners from Germany and Austria will not be allow to enter the Czech Republic. The ministry of the interior has decided to stop issuing visas for the foreseeable future. But Czechs should not worry if they are currently abroad as they will be able to return to the Czech Republic. They will however need to remain in quarantine if they are returning from a high-risk area.

There are also new restrictions regarding other public areas and businesses. Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars will need to close their doors by 8 pm. This will include clubs, galleries, libraries, gyms, and swimming pools. And all public events involving more than 30 people will also be prohibited.

The police are being called in to help verify whether people who have been ordered to remain in quarantine are doing so.

Latest update: 12.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID 19

The most recent figures as reported by the Czech Ministry of Health are:

Total number of suspected/tested individuals: 1358

Total number of NEGATIVE cases: 1294

Total number of confirmed cases: 94 (34 of which are in Prague)

The Deputy PM Jan Hamacek and the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman have announced that many materials and supplies that were intended to be sent as aide to China for assistance in the fight against the coronavirus will remain in the Czech Republic. Many of these supplies, such as protective suites, gloves and comprising respirators, could not fit into the military aircraft which was set for China and so the Chinese government offered that the supplies stay in the Czech Republic.

Latest update: 11.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID 19

Yesterday government and health officials made the decision to close schools and universities for the foreseeable future. This includes primary schools, secondary schools as well as private and public universities. Nursery schools and childcare facilities have not been mandated to close due to the fact that they have fewer children in their care.

All activities and events in which there are more than 100 participants are also postponed or closed until further notice. This includes many business conferences, theaters, and sporting events. Sports teams are allowed to continue with the game or match, but must decide whether or not to play for an empty stadium.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call the national hotline at the National Institute of Public Health:

+420 724 810 106

+420 725 191 367

And please see below for how YOU can help prevent contracting the coronavirus.

Symptoms and prevention for the coronavirus.

Image credited to:

Latest update: 10.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID 19

Here are the latest numbers regarding number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases within the Czech Republic:

Total number of suspected/tested individuals: 1193

Total number of NEGATIVE cases: 1153

Total number of confirmed cases: 40 (as of 7 a.m. the 10th of March)

The Czech Ministry of Health continues to remind all citizens, residents and travelers to the Czech Republic, that as of now, there is no cure or treatment for the coronavirus and the best measure if prevention. This is why they continue to maintain their policies regarding travelers from specific countries.

Those returning or entering the Czech Republic from Italy are mandated to quarantine themselves for a period of 2 weeks.

The Ministry of Health also published a press release in which the Minister of Health announced that travelers from Iran, as well as those requesting visas and entrance to the Czech Republic from Iran are currently being put on hold as the country is experiencing a large surge of coronavirus cases (5,000 confirmed at latest count).

Latest update: 9.3.2020: Prague Coronavirus COVID 19

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has updated the latest numbers of coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic. The latest count if 20 confirmed cases of infected people in Prague. All of these cases are connected to either the carrier or a relative having taken a vacation in Italy in the last week or so.

The Czech Republic continues to monitor the situation and is taking the matter very seriously by issuing quarantines to all these people who are returning from Italy (see below).

Adam Vojtěch, the Czech Minister of health, has reported that the number of infected coronavirus cases has now risen to 31. Just a week ago on the second of March, the count stood at just 3. The vast majority (27 of the 31) cases can be directly linked to vacation holidays of the sick or a relative’s recent trip to Italy. The other four cases can be linked to Boston, MA, USA. While none of the cases are yet of a serious nature, they are being treated seriously and are in care at several hospitals in Prague as well as nearby hospitals.

Important Contact Information for Coronavirus Information:

For all those who are concerned about their situation, please read carefully:


You should instead call the following numbers:

Státní zdravotní ústav (SZÚ)

+420 724 810 106 

+420 725 191 367

Important information regarding the coronavirus (COVID 19) in Prague, Czech Republic.


Latest update 8.3.2020: COVID 29 – coronavirus legal quarantine

As the number of cases of COVID 19 within Italy have increased in recent days to about 4,000 cases, the Czech Ministry of Health is taking measures to prevent the spread into the Czech Republic. Due to the large number of Czech citizens and others returning from Italy with their families after spring school holidays, the Ministry of Health has asked those travelers to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (also known as COVID 19) to inform their doctors and remain in quarantine for two weeks. As of March 7, in order to ensure that 16,500 or so number of Czech citizens who are currently in Italy or are currently returning understand the importance of this mandate, those violating the mandate could face a 3 million crown fine.

Doctors are able to extend this period of 14 days if they feel necessary. Employers are requested to allow those able to, to work from home, otherwise, if they are unable to do so, they will be able to receive disability payments. The government is prepared to help those businesses for their losses during this time, through the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank.

In addition to this preventative action, the government and regional representatives will continue to keep a supply and distribution chain of equipment and materials for protective purposes, as well as maintain a collaborated system in which to inform the public about the latest updates (through the Ministry of Health).

Updated Publication: 6.3.2020

The concerns for the coronavirus are remaining calm but alert. Health officials and medical professionals are highly encouraging everyone in the country to continue to be vigilant and attentive. They are reminding the public that everyone must be very thorough and meticulous in their daily habits, including how they wash their hands and how they interact with others. Minimal contact, such as kissing, hugging or shaking hands is recommended.

In addition, the Prague public transportation has taken additional measures to ensure the health and safety of all travelers and citizens of the city by having all doors to all forms of public transportation open automatically. Before, during off peak hours and depending on the form of transportation, it was required to push a button, but this new policy will decrease the need for passengers to touch buttons.

Updated Publication: 3.3.2020

The first cases of the coronavirus were reported in the Czech Republic this weekend. As it is the time period of school holidays, many families have been traveling, and many to Italy where there have been multiple cases in recent times. The new cases are being carefully treated and every action possible is being taken to ensure that they are not able to further infect others around them. All possible steps are being taken, however, no formal quarantine is being enforced as in other countries, and most experts and doctors agree that simple personal hygiene can combat most potential cases.

Original Publication: 27.2.2020

To Do In Prague is pleased to report that Prague is completely safe with NO coronavirus cases and zero suspected infections of the virus. The Prague Airport is currently regulating arriving passengers and continues with random screening of passengers arriving from destinations where they have been cases or suspected cases, or passengers showing flu-like symptoms.

According to our Ministry of Health, Mr. Adam Vojtěch, people should remain calm and go about their lives as they normally would, as there is no need to panic. But he does caution that all people should take extra precautions and be more hygienic and wash their hands more frequently, ideally with disinfection soaps.

We ask all tourist to keep the safety hygienic standards and wash their hands frequently. We urge the tourist not to visit our city if they feel virus and flu symptoms. Thank you.


The Coronavirus, or COVID-19 is a virus that infects the respiratory tract. It is thought to spread through human bodily contact and possibly by small drops of saliva that a carrier can expel when coughing. The symptoms are similar to those of a flu (cough, fever and, in severe cases, respiratory failure and pneumonia).

However, before becoming alarmed, it is important to remember that while this is a new illness, the coronavirus in fact a type of unknown flu, similar to the common flu, whic causes more deaths per year than the coronavirus, whose own mortality rate is very low. Deaths by coronavirus occur in patients who have already had other pathological conditions and are usually over 70 years old. You can follow the statistics here about the coronavirus at the following link


The Coronavirus originated in China, and is in fact the country that has registered the vast majority of cases. There are only a few countries in which it is recommended to keep some precaution when traveling: China, South Korea, Iran, Japan, Singapore and northern Italy.


First and foremost, unless otherwise advised directly by a doctor or you government, it is strongly encouraged that everyone follows a normal life, that is to say, you do not have to stop traveling, attending events, going to work or sending your children to school. The only recommendation is to maintain personal hygiene, especially washing your hands with soap and water.


The Prague International Airport is adding additional screens for all passengers arriving from destinations where there have been reported and confirmed cases of the coronavirus. This refers to China, Japan, South Korea, Iran and most recently Italy, as the cases in Northern Italy has increased this week along.

They have also separated the arrival gates for passengers from the previously mentioned places. These gates will only used by passengers arriving from those destinations, allowing for airport staff to better contain and prevent the coronavirus if it were to arrive. Additional hygienic measures have also come into play.

Airport and airline crew and staff are being briefed on how to handle any possible coronavirus case and information is being distributed to all passengers flying in and out of the airport with instructions what to do if they start to feel sick.


The most up-to-date and accurate information about the situation of the coronavirus can be found, in Czech, in the following link,

If you do not speak Czech you can find general info here in English:


Contact information
Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic: Palackého náměstí 4, 128 01 Praha 2
Phone: +420 2 2497 1111 Fax: +420 2 2497 2111
E-mail: [email protected]

Coronavirus Traveling?

We at To Do In Prague strongly believe that healthy people should not change there daily habits, including interrupting, suspending or changing their travel plans, whether for work or for pleasure. If we all cease our normal activities this could have drastic effect on the world economy, just as China is already experiencing. In order to fight the virus, people should be precocious and hygienic but not panic. The coronavirus as of now has the same rate of mortality as a normal flu.
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