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What to do in Prague?
The possibilities are endless.

Prague is most famous for possessing over 1,000 years of culture, architectural masterpieces and intensive political strife.  But if you have had your fill of historical tours and are ready for a step in a different direction, then look no further and check out some of the suggestions below for what to do in Prague. Spend your day drinking in the beauty, charm and deliciousness of the capital city of the Czech Republic. 

We have crafted a list of the 10 best things to do in Prague (plus two extra because we couldn’t keep it to only 10) that will have you considering relocating here permanently. 

1. Day with a local

There is no better way to experience Prague, than through the eyes of a local person. We, the locals, know the best spots to have a delicious Czech lunch or a cold drink (hmm… beer :-). We know which sites within the city are worth a visit and which are just a scam. We know and love our history, local politics and culture, all of which is the very essence of this place we call home. So why not spend a day seeing Prague with a professional tour guide? Our local guide will lead you on a tour of the “City of a Hundred Spires” through both historically and culturally significant buildings, plazas and streets, as well as some of the less traveled (by tourists) streets and neighborhoods, each with their own persona and aura.  

Try one of our unique ‘Day with a Local’ guided tours. They’re included in our multi-day packages for a weekend, a 3-day holiday, or even a four-day package. Check them out.

2. Take a boat ride

It is hard to miss the Vltava River as you will probably cross it several times on foot, taxi or tram during your time in Prague. But did you know you can also hop aboard a boat for a ride up and down the river, passing some of the most iconic buildings in Prague, sailing beneath the Charles Bridge and learning about the huge importance and role that the river has played in Prague’s formation in ancient times until today. Choose either a romantic ride on your own, dinner cruise on a large boat or the famous Jazz Boat tour which included an excellent musical experience. For more fastidious visitors we offer unique private boat tours with Czech champagne and lunch at a hidden gem of a restaurant over the river. 

3. Go on a beer tasting tour

Ask anyone outside of Czech Republic what they know about this incredible country and they’ll probably respond quickly with, “Beer!” and they are spot on! Czech Republic has proudly and expertly been producing beer for over 1000 years and the first recognized brewery is found in Prague, not far from the castle, which cannot be a coincidence. Czechs are serious about their beer and local Prague residents know quality beer and quality bars and restaurants where you’ll find the cleanest, coldest brews flowing from the taps. Don’t fall prey to the tourist bars and restaurants, come learn about the vast and deep history of beer in Czech culture and you’ll discover why Czechs have earned the title of highest consumption per capita (in the world ) for over 20 years running!

Our beer loving local guides will introduce you to some of the best oldest and newest beers found in Czech Republic, explain what all this 10° and 12° nonsense is and also show you how to order a milk “mleko” beer. 

4. Visit our National Theater (opera and ballet)

You don’t speak Czech you say? Don’t worry, you will not need to for your night out to the theater. Czech theater, including opera and ballet has a long and treasured history and culture. Prague has created and hosted many famous musicians, singers and composers through the centuries and this is the best opportunity to witness their legacies. 

A night at the theater offers an elegance and timeless sensation to any experience. So be sure to pack a lovely evening dress and jacket and tie, in line with the required dress code of such an affair. To ensure your night out is complete, we’ve included dinner for you and your traveling partner(s) at one of the best restaurants in town and we’ve made sure to reserve you the best seats. 

5. Go on a coffee and cafe tour

The high-end coffee culture arrived only several years ago to Prague and since then it has hit the ground running and coffee shops specializing in quality coffee have been popping up around the city, thanks in help to the steady flow of tourism and the hipster culture which is quite popular in Prague. 

Enjoy a tour of some of the most famous cafes in Prague and learn about the history of coffee in general throughout the world as well as here in Czech Republic. These tours are great for coffee lovers as well as anyone with a sweet tooth as there will certainly be some scrumptious treats that will call to you in the cafes.

What to do in Prague, Czech Republic


Culture and History:
Spend a day with a local
Take an architectural tour
Go to the theater, see a show
Food and Drink Themes:
Take a cooking class
Go on a beer tasting tour
Unique Experiences:
Take a hot air balloon ride
Make your own graffiti art
See a Different Angle:
Hop aboard a boat trip on the Vltava River
Take a run with a local guide

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Prague, Czech Republic'

6. See a show

Ask anyone who has been to Prague and they’ll tell you that one of the best shows you can see is the Black Light Theater performances. These surreal, psychedelic theatrical exhibitions are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Your eyes will seemingly play tricks on you as you witness impossible tricks and endeavors by these masterful artists. With neon colored costumes and black backgrounds and lighting, the actors and dancers on stage will weave stories that awaken the child wonder in us all. 

This is the perfect performance for children, families, old and young. Everyone walks away with a huge smile on their face and stars dancing around their heads.  

7. Go on a run!

Running covers more ground in less time and therefore you get a bit further than you would if you were simply walking. While most runners aim to get out for a run or two while on vacation, sometimes it’s difficult to know where the best running routes are, especially if you are staying in the center of the city. See some of the favorite local running paths up and down the Vltava River, up Petrin Hill, and through Vysehrad. 

These tours offer spectacular views of all of the most iconic sites in Prague, with some historical and cultural facts sprinkled in so that the run becomes an opportunity to learn about the significance of the buildings, parks and streets you are running through.  

8. Classic or Contemporary and Modern Architecture tour

It doesn’t take an expert to see that Prague is chock full of some of the most amazing and inspiring architecture in Europe. But it does take an expert to explain in detail the true magnificence behind the exquisite structures. There is so much that can get lost when simply passing by one house after another, but these specialized guides are gifted with the ability to weave stories into the facts, making these tours mesmerizing and remarkable. 

Choose from tours which focus on the classic architecture which has won Prague and the Czech Republic fame or one which seeks to show off the latest in contemporary architecture that Prague has been hiding from the world. 

9. Make your own street art / graffiti (legally of course)

Get to see some of the true local artists who take to the streets and display their artwork for all to admire. Taking a street art tour will give you insight into the history of street art in Prague from the 1960’s till today. Then you’ll actually get a chance to make your own art on a legal wall with guidance and tips from the experts. This is truly how you leave your mark on something.  

10. Take a hot air balloon or helicopter ride

There are not many experiences which can be equally exhilarating and romantic at the same time. But a hot air balloon ride or a helicopter ride, sailing above sprawling green forests, intersected with small villages and castles atop rocky outcrops is one of those. These hot air balloon rides or helicopter rides will pass over central Bohemia at nearly 1,000 meters (3,000 ft) above the earth, presenting one stunning scene after another. One of the highlights is the grandiose Chateau Konopiste with its red-roofed spires.

The experienced pilots are knowledgeable guides and enjoy explaining the intricacies of flying as well as pointing out easily missed sights. And the second best thing about hot air ballooning (after the flying part of course) is that each flight toasts the successful flight with champagne!  

11. Take a food tour

If there is something we all share, no matter where we come from, it is the love of good food. There is no better way in which to truly get to know a new country and city than through the delicious local dishes and who better to show you some of the best dishes at the best restaurants in Prague, than a local? 

Step back from the tourist traps that abound in the more popular tourist areas of the city and allow a local to share with you his or her favorite restaurants hidden in the back streets. Your guide will be able to offer suggestions for the most typical dishes so that you can experience more than just fried sausages and cheese while you’re in Prague. 

12. Take a cooking class

Why not take that love of food one step further by experiencing Czech culinary traditions? While everyone will certainly visit a restaurant or two while in Prague, why not venture into a local Czech’s kitchen and learn how to make one of the dishes you tried in the restaurant or something completely brand new? 

Our local foodies are prepared to take you on a delicious and delightful journey across centuries of traditional Czech cuisine, giving away a few of the family secrets along the way. You’ll get to take part in the whole journey as well as enjoying the final masterpiece! This cooking class satisfies the heart, mind and stomach at the same time. How can you beat that? 

Important Information: Prague is located in the Schengen Zone, which is a free-travel zone within the European Union. It includes 26 countries in total. Depending on where you are coming from, you might need to secure a visa for the Schengen Zone before visiting the Czech Republic. Please be sure to consider this fact before making plans to visit Prague so that you do not experience any problems upon arrival. Also be be aware that the Czech Republic uses the Czech Korona (czk) rather than the euro since we are not in the eurozone. We look forward to your visit!

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