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The website: http://www.todoinprague.com/ (hereby referred to as “Website”) is owned and operated by ISLANDICA s.r.o. / CA – Cestovní agentura and CK Cestovní kancelář (hereby referred to as “Islandica” and “ISLANDICA”) This website (“Website”) is owned and operated by ISLANDICA s.r.o. (also ISLANDICA and Islandica). Should any person commit any of the following actions: use or access this Website, use our services, or contact ISLANDICA – whether via an online form or via email, they are thereby expressing full and unconditional consent and agreement to each and every one of the conditions of service of ISLANDICA at the very time in which they commit that action. It is therefore essential that all customers, clients and visitors to the Website carefully read our Terms and Conditions (below) before continuing to use our Website. This following document establishes the General Conditions of Use of the provided services on http://www.todoinprague.com/ which are subject to modifications and periodic updates at any time without the obligation for prior communication with the users / clients. 

Our Website was created and is continually maintained for the purpose of offering information, reservations and tourist services within the Czech Republic to all clients, guests and visitors to our Website. It is not allowed to use our Website for any other purposes without the express, written consent of ISLANDICA. The use of any material found on this Website, including information or photos of our Website, is strictly prohibited from use on other websites or pages or any type of publication without our express written consent. The following names have registered decree of protected trademark: ISLANDICA.


1.1. DOCUMENTS: All family and personal documents of all passengers (including children) must be in order. Each client must take the personal responsibility to verify that their passport (and visa, if necessary) or travel ID are valid before making a reservation or booking and consequently taking the trip. If it passes that a client is rejected entry into the Czech Republic for reasons relating to documents (passports, visas, IDs, etc) or not meeting the requirements of documentation, ISLANDICA  is not responsible for any expenses that may arise due to this situation and no reimbursement will be given for the contracted services. Please remember that the Czech Republic is located in Europe and is part of the European Union as well as found in the Schengen area. This should be considered when making the proper visa and entry research.

1.2. DOCUMENTATION AND VOUCHERS: Should a client loss a travel document (passport, visa, plane tickets, vouchers, etc.) which causes the loss of a contracted service, ISLANDICA will not assume responsibilities for any expenses related to a new reservation and issuance and no refund will be made.

1.3. ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation offered on the site in certain packages can change, due to availability, as long as the new room is of the same category and conditions of the original reserved room. Important: When making a booking, the client must provide the appropriate and correct information regarding the number of people staying (including children, regardless of age). In some cases, when making a reservation, there might be the opportunity to book an extra bed or cot upon request, which may incur a cost, which the client is responsible for. Please note that the administration of any hotel or accommodation always has the right to refuse entry to any persons not declared during the reservation process. EXTRA NIGHT: Islandica offers the possibility to book extra nights online in order that the best price is obtained. Once the journey has started, it will be necessary for the client to check the availability through the Website and make the payment.

1.4. ANTICIPATED RETURNS: Islandica is not obliged to issue refunds in situations such that the client decided to vacate or abandon the accommodation, establishment, trips, tour, rental of transportation, etc. before the original contracted date.

1.5. EXCURSIONS AND TRAVEL ITINERARIES: The programmed itineraries found on our Website are subject to changes in such cases as operational problems, weather problems, or due to ‘force majeure’. In the case of changes, losses or additions due to ‘force majeure’ ISLANDICA s.r.o. is not financially responsible.

1.6. FLIGHTS: Should any changes, delays or cancellations in flight schedules and conditions established by the airlines occur, Islandica is not responsible and will not be responsible for any additional costs that may arise from these changes. If a visitor to the site or a client of Islandica purchases an airline ticket directly from an airline or its corresponding companies through a link, banner or search engine on our pages, these are not booked through Islandica. Islandica only offers these additional advertising services in order to help its clients.

1.7. HOLIDAYS: The festivals and holidays that are celebrated in the Czech Republic vary by region. It is possible that certain holidays and festivals will have an effect on the normal schedules, opening/closing times, or closures of accommodation, transportation, museums, attractions and shops, etc. and without prior warning. Customers will be responsible for any additional fees that may arise because of these changes.

1.8. HONEYMOON: If couples would like to enjoy the advantages of honeymoon trips in Czech Republic, the wedding must have taken place within 5 months of the trip to the Czech Republic. Both the hotel and Islandica have the right to ask for the documents to support this marriage. Clients should note that hotels may have a minimum stay requirement in order to receive the benefits of a honeymoon trip.

1.9. LUGGAGE: Regarding lost luggage, all travelers should settle the matter of lost or damaged luggage directly at the airport with the airline in question. They should also refer to the conditions of the airline in order to know their rights regarding compensation for lost or damaged luggage. Customers should submit the claim for damage directly to the transport company. Islandica is not responsible for any losses and / or damages that may occur to luggage during the travel period.

1.10. PAYMENTS: Clients must adhere to the payment dates and make the payments on time as indicated in the invoice issued at the time of the reservation. Should the client fail to make a payment upon the indicated date, ISLANDICA reserves the right to charge a daily interest of 0.05% which will be added to the final invoice.

1.11. PRICING / PRICES: All prices listed on ISLANDICA’s website are quoted per person unless otherwise specified. These prices include VAT taxes. All quoted prices found on our Website are based on current purchasing prices in the Czech Republic. ISLANDICA s.r.o. reserves the right to alter the prices on our Website without notice for such cases such as the event of currency fluctuation, changes in government taxes, or due to any other cost increases beyond ISLANDICA s.r.o. ‘s control. ISLANDICA s.r.o. will cover the price increase up to the equivalent of 5% of the total price of the reserved services. If the amount is more than 5%, that additional amount will be charged to the client. In the event that the surcharge exceeds 10% or more of the reserved services, the client will have the opportunity to cancel the booking. However, this does not include any unforeseeable admission fees to natural sites, parking or other fees which are not included in the price.

1.12. SPECIAL OFFERS: It is not possible to accumulate the offers on our web pages with each other, nor with offers from other publications.

1.13. THEFT OR LOSS: In the case of theft  or loss of belongings that a customer may experience during their travels, Islandica is not liable. Islandica recommends reporting the loss or theft of the item(s) to the appropriate authorities or corresponding administration.

1.14. TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance is not included in the price of any trips, tours, excursions or reservations made with Islandica. We highly recommend to our customers that they take out travel insurance in their country of residence before taking a trip in order to cover any unexpected incidents. Islandica is not and will not be financially responsible for any changes in the travels of our clients which may result in additional fees. Travel insurance should cover the expenses that arise from such changes as cancellations made on behalf of the client or due to ‘force majeure’.

1.15. VOLUNTARY CHANGES BY THE CUSTOMER: Should the client voluntarily request changes to a service which has already been reserved and paid for (i.e. change of dates, change of hotel, change of car, extension/shortening of stay, etc.) prices may vary. If this happens, the client will be responsible for paying any difference in pricing, as well as the appropriate administration and management fees, which have resulted from the processing of making a new reservation.

1.16. VISA/PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS: The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and found within the Schengen territory, therefore its agreements correspond as such. For information regarding general visa, passport requirements and health information, please see the official website for the Czech Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Conditions for cancellation of private, customized, or individualized trips, tours, excursions, or bookings will be confirmed individually before the reservation of the trip or tour. It could happen that each individual activity within a larger tour may have different cancellation policies, all of which will be made known to the client at the time of the reservation. 


A group of 10 or more people require special cancellation conditions: 

-15% of the reservation price for all activities, tours, trips, tickets, etc is non-refundable once paid for. This is the fee for the administration and managerial costs associated with the reservations as well as any bank costs for processing payments. 

-25% of the reservation price is non-refundable more than 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

-50% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 14 and 8 days in advance of the scheduled departure

-100% of the reservation price is non-refundable less than 8 days in advance of the scheduled departure

Please note that in order for a cancellation to be submitted, the client must submit in writing an official request directly to ISLANDICA through email: [email protected] . The date will be calculated based on when the email is received by ISLANDICA, taking into consideration the office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30-18:00 CET. 

The provider of the tour or trip is also able to cancel due to weather or unfavorable conditions in the area. If this occurs, the customer the client has the right to participate in another excursion depending on the availability of places or can request the return of the total money paid.  In the case that the trip or tour are tailor made for the participants, these conditions may be different and these conditions will be made known to the group during the reservation process.


-10% of the reservation price for all customized and personalized activities, tours, trips, tickets, etc is non-refundable once paid for. This is the fee for the administration and managerial costs associated with the reservations as well as any bank costs for processing payments. 

-25% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 80 and 60 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

-50% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 59 and 36 days in advance of the scheduled departure (* Groups 100% of the price).

-75% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 34 and 26 days in advance of the scheduled departure (* Groups 100% of the price).

-100% of the reservation price is non-refundable less than 24 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

Trips with IS codes are operated by ISLANDICA s.r.o. The expenses that could occur (bank commissions, commissions of credit institutions, mail, etc.) when sending the total or partial refund of the deposit to the client, will always be at the client’s expense.


-10% of the reservation price for all transfers and excursions is non-refundable once paid for. This is the fee for the administration and managerial costs associated with the reservations as well as any bank costs for processing payments. 

-30% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 8 and 3 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

-100% of the reservation price is non-refundable less than 2 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

-10% of the reservation price for all multi-day tours (more than 1 day), activities, tours, trips, tickets, etc is non-refundable once paid for. This is the fee for the administration and managerial costs associated with the reservations as well as any bank costs for processing payments. 

-50% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 35 and 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

-100% of the reservation price is non-refundable less than 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

Please take note that it is the client’s duty to pay the banks costs of 2% which will be deducted from the refund, should there be any. If an activity, tour, trip is booked but not cancelled and not attended by the client will not be refunded. For any changes to the original booking, there will be a 15 EUR service charge to account for administrative costs. For changes that the client wishes to make less than 10 days before the scheduled activity, these changes must be done directly with the provider of the excursion or tour, as indicated on the confirmation voucher. 

Please be sure to address all cancellation directly by email to: [email protected] The date will be calculated as the day in which ISLANDICA receives the request in writing, always taking into account the office hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30-18:00 CET. Should the provider need to cancel the outing due to inclement weather conditions, the client reserves the right to participate in the same activity on a different day, availability permitting or they can request a full refund. 


-10% of the reservation price for all flights, whether in hot air balloon or airplane, is non-refundable once paid for. This is the fee for the administration and managerial costs associated with the reservations as well as any bank costs for processing payments. 

-20% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 25 and 10 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

-70% of the reservation price is non-refundable between 9 and 5 days in advance of the scheduled departure. 

-100% of the reservation price is non-refundable less than 4 days in advance of the scheduled departure 

Any and all fees or expenses that may occur (bank commissions, transfer fees, etc. ) while transferring the full or partial refunds to the clients will be the responsibility of the client and will be deducted from the refund. The provider of the flight has the right to cancel the flight if the weather is not permitting. And in this case, the client would get a full refund for the flight (if not taken at all). 


Not all of the products offered on the web pages are operated by ISLANDICA, but rather through some of the best travel agencies and tour operators in the Czech Republic and Europe. This service does not add any additional fee for clients, however, please be aware that we are not held responsible for the actions taken by these third parties, external guides, possible accidents or damages, delays, deaths, losses of material goods, or itinerary changes. Please be aware that the general terms and conditions of the third party provider may differ from those of ISLANDICA’s and the client should read those of the provider, provided in the confirmation voucher. 

Climate and weather conditions: Any and all outdoor activity or activities in which weather comes into play, are subject to change depending on the forecasted conditions. Always taking into account the client’s safety and enjoyment of the activity, changes or cancellations can occur per the provider’s discretion. In the case of cancellation due to weather, the client may be entitled to a refund.


The excursions, trips, tours and packages we offer on our Website are, sometimes, activities of other tour providers and travel agencies. In these cases, Islandica operates as an intermediary agent with the tour operators and therefore will never assume responsibility for any accident, loss or damage which may occur due to participation in or in connection with any of these activities. In addition, we notify our clients that when contracting a service from an outside provider, the client is granting acceptance of the terms of service of the provider(s). These terms of service can be found and consulted on the web pages of the provider directly or in the contracts provided. Responsibility: Clients and customers of Islandica choose to take the tours and excursions under their own free will and are fully responsible for their actions and behavior during the duration of the activity. Clients are required at all times to follow all instructions from the guide. Islandica refuses to accept responsibility for any accidents that may be caused by the participants during the activity. Neither does Islandica accept responsibility for any accidents that occur because of supplier error or which are out of human control (force majeure). There is no requirement or obligation on the part of Islandica to issue any refunds or compensation for cancellations of the contracted services, delays, changes, or personal or material damages resulting from force majeure (i.e. floods, strikes, accidents, weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, diseases, wars, etc.). Clients are herein warned that activities which take place nature carry other inherent risks, as nature is unpredictable. Those who choose to participate in any of these activities, do so with full acceptance and understanding of the conditions and assuming full responsibility. The provider of the excursion, tour, or trip may also require that the participants sign an additional document before taking the tour. 

DESCRIPTIONS OF ACTIVITIES: For the activities, trips, excursions and tours in which Islandica is the supplier of another provider’s product, the description of the activity has been taken from the provider’s page and rewritten. Islandica has the right to edit or alter the information or prices if our provider does so. The edit or translation of another’s product may differ slightly from the original. 


If the travel agencies or collaborating operators decide to alter the itinerary, to which they are entitled to do, Islandica is not responsible. Any information found on our Website is for information purposes. 

All activities and excursions are undertaken at the risk of the individual, without any responsibility falling upon Islandica. This includes any possible personal or material damages that may occur during excursions, transfers, trips or activities. 

In the case that inflation, of more than 5%, occurs between the EUR (euro) and CZK (Czech Koruna), our suppliers reserve the right to be able to alter the prices for the services provided. Islandica reserves the right to edit prices in accordance with the necessary changes of the suppliers. If this were to occur, Islandica would notify the client in order to indicate the change and the client would have the option to cancel the booking without cost.  

Islandica is an insured licensed travel agency (Cestovní kancelář), but also operates as a travel agent, Cestovní Agentura. Some of the packages offered on our Website come from outside providers from other agencies or other countries, and these agencies have fulfilled the requirements as established by the country of origin. The sale of the activity through our Website is in direct collaboration or through advertising. If the clients pays the corresponding travel agency directly, the client must accept the terms, conditions and cancellation policy of the agency in question, as it is not an Islandica sale. 


Islandica s.r.o. is a travel agent (CA-Cestovní agentura) and a travel agency (CK-Cestovní kancelář) and as is required by the law of the MMR Ministry (Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj České republiky), possesses surety insurance (endorsement before the administration) which all clients and users can access here. This surety insurance is in place in order to guarantee the obligation arising from the activity as a travel agency for the assumed responsibilities. Such regulations governing travel agencies are included in Law 159/199 Sb. of June 30, 1999 and in any corresponding updates by the MMR ministry. 


Through the Website, “www.todoinprague.com Islandica asks its Users for certain personal data. This user provided data will be integrated into a personal data reservation system and will only be processed to provide services in accordance with the requests of the User. Through the use of this Website, the User grants authority to Islandica to include their personal data in our files, as well as the (non)automated handling of the data for the management of our services. The User also grants Islandica the right to transfer their data to companies which are linked directly or indirectly with Islandica. The personal information collected from registered users is stored in a database owned by Islandica, which assumes the technical, organizational and security measures that guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information in accordance with the provisions of the current Law of Czech Republic, Protection of Personal Data, and other applicable legislation. ISLANDICA s.r.o. only shares the necessary information to be able to process bookings, reservations and payment transactions. ISLANDICA s.r.o. does not sell the private information to third parties. Users can learn more about our use of cookies on the Website by reading this page: Statement on Cookies.

At any point in time in which a user wishes to cancel their personal data provided to ISLANDICA, they are invited to do so by writing or emailing directly to: [email protected]


Our Website utilizes cookies for actions such as bookings and reservations and also to analyze data relating to user visits and navigation on the Website. Cookies are tiny data files fixed onto the computers of visitors. Please see more about our use of cookies here


By accessing our website: www.todoinprague.com the user is consenting and agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Website as well as the Comments Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Should the user feel that these terms and conditions are not acceptable, ISLANDICA kindly ask that the user does not access this site. The Website is authorized and permitted to change, modify, and edit these terms and agreements at any time by updating the information found here on this Website. These changes will, from that point forward, be valid and authorized. Should any change to any part of these terms or agreement make it that part of the conditions are no longer valid or binding, the remainder of the terms and conditions will still be valid and binding. 

Please note that by making any payment, partial or in its entirety, for any services offered by ISLANDICA, indicates that the client is of full acceptance and agreement with the terms and conditions and with the full knowledge that they have entered into a contract with ISLANDICA. 


If a client, customer or user of the Website wishes to issue a claim, they are invited to do so here. They may also email directly to: [email protected] The claim for and any written communication will be analyzed, stored and answered within the legal corresponding deadline. As per the European law, users are also able to issue claims here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr


By taking an action such as requesting, reserving, booking or paying for any service offered on this Website, the client is conveying knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions. This obligation is further extended to those who will join the client on these requested services. 


ISLANDICA operates within the Czech Republic, under Czech law and any judicial actions must be conducted in the Prague Courts.

JURISDICTION: Any and all conflicts which may occur, resulting from a service provided by this Website in the Czech Republic, or any cancellation of a service secured through a third party, must be taken up and resolved conforming to Czech laws. All visitors to this website and all clients who make reservations of any type are agreeing to the Czech laws and that the Courts of Prague will resolve any legal issues between the client and ISLANDICA. 

ISLANDICA s.r.o. is a Travel company registered in Prague, Czech Republic, European Union with its registered office at Pod bastami 299/7, Praha 6, Ceska republika, CP16000, Tel: +420 775099943. (company number ICO 24668974) and which trades with the Czech VAT number CZ24668974. Last updated: 18th February 2020 © ISLANDICA s.r.o. 2006 – 2020.

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