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mean lifelong memories

Every trip is a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't waste time taking mediocre tours when you could be experiencing Prague, Czech Republic in the ultimate way possible and according to your wishes and desires.

Pack your bags

You're ready to set off on a new adventure. Set sail for a magical, fairy tale land.

Car Service

We offer private car services for arrivals, departures and all around.


We've selected the top 4**** hotels in Prague to ensure you have a comfy stay.


Reservations at the top restaurants in Prague with top-rated chefs.


We have tickets and suggestions for all of the most popular theater performances.

Castles and Churches

Prague is world famous for its beautiful architecture. Come see why.


Explore the stunning nature and mountains outside Prague.

Beer and Wine Tours

Come enjoy the best of the world famous Czech beer-Pilsen.
Lunch on a Boat
From €72 €65+
Lunch Included!
From €89 €100+
Lunch Included!
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We are so humbled by our clients and grateful to our customers for their kind words. Our staff at To Do In Prague work hard to make sure we create lifetime experiences for our clients. We'd like to share a few with you now.
Family traveling in Prague.

Great Trip!

Our family had a great time in Prague! There were so many kid-friendly things to do. I would not have known if it weren’t for To Do In Prague. Thank you so much for your help.

Two sisters who traveled together in Prague, good review of To Do In Prague

Memorable Experience

This was the first time my sister and I traveled alone together and it was so great to have To Do In Prague help us plan our whole trip. They took care of all of the details and gave us an itinerary which left us feeling that we saw everything Prague has to offer. Thanks so much!

Happy couple on honeymoon in Prague.

Simply Stunning!

Our honeymoon could not have been better. We crossed off everything on our list, including a boat ride on the river in Prague. And the spa day in Karlovy Vary was the perfect way to relax together as newly weds.

Family traveling in Prague with To Do In Prague.

Best Family Trip ever!

Thank you very much to the staff at To Do In Prague. Our family had a very nice time traveling in Prague but also outside of Prague. There were a lot of fun activities for our kids. They didn’t complain once about being bored!

Single guy traveling in Prague with To Do in Prague

Picture Perfect!

I’m always looking for something new and different when I travel. And as a photographer I need constant inspiration and beauty. That’s why my time in and around Prague was the perfect trip. To Do In Prague planned a great 5 day trip for me which included some other cities and towns outside of Prague. All of them well worth the trip. Thanks.


Part of the adventure of planning your next trip is seeing all of the amazingly wonderful, colorful and magical places that exist in the world and waiting to be discovered. Feast your eyes on these incredible destinations that could be your next holiday vacation. Enjoy!

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Looking for more information about what Prague is like? What more to do while in Prague or outside Prague? Have a look at these articles below for more important and essential information.

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