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What's a travel agency without knowledgeable and caring guides who want to share their love of Prague with you.


Our guides are trained professionals.
Markéta Slavíková
Local guide, lover of history and architecture specializing in medieval time periods and also the best places for a bite to eat at the end of her tours.
Vík Bouček
Long time resident of Prague, originally from Brno. His funny stories will have you laughing the whole trip, while also learning a thing or two.
Tomáš Fomenko
A career local guide who makes it his personal mission that each guest of his leaves his tours knowing and appreciating Prague and Czech history.
Lynn Puzzo
A traveler who fell in love with Prague and decided to make it her home. She brings an outside perspective on Czech history and current events while respecting the local culture.
Eva Kučerová
A ‘Praguer’ by birth, she loves to boast about her city and all of the wonderful things you can see and do on a daily basis in the capital of the Czech Republic.
Professional Team
Our guides are professionally trained and all our services are legally licensed.
20 Years experience
We have been in the tourism business since 2006, sharing our experience and passion for travel.
See World Wonders
Prague hosts many UNESCO sites which people come from far and wide to see.
Eco Friendly
Our tour are eco-friendly. We aim to protect our environment whenever possible.
Authentic Tours
Our tours are authentic with respect to the local inhabitants and their lives.
Top services
We strive to be the number 1 in all what we do. Our services are first class.
Coordination Skills
Our guides are trained to coordinate groups, providers and transportation.
Carbon offset
We support https://www.atmosfair.de/en/ and other carbon offset programs.

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.


CRUNCHING THE NUMBERSOur company in numbers

We've collected the reviews and rating and crunched the numbers and this is what past customers and travelers have said about us.
Client Satisfaction
Quality rating
Team Dedication
Would travel again

With over 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism business, it’s no wonder that our favor-ability ratings are so high. We know what it takes to satisfy customers and ensure that their trip is exceptional. We select providers that have proven themselves to offer quality services and products, such as hotels, tour guides and restaurants, so that your entire package deal is not left wanting.

We’re always working with our guides, drivers and other providers to see how we can make each step along the way a bit better, a bit more comfortable and a bit more enjoyable for our customers.

We also look to our clients for new inspiration when designing new tours. We don’t want to get stuck offering the same packages time after time, so we like to incorporate some suggestions from both providers and clients whenever possible.

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