Why Prague, Czech Republic

Come to Prague and visit the Czech Republic after the coronavirus crisis has subsided to see a country ripe for safe, social distance travel.


Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 has affected all of us and will affect the way we travel from now on. Our feelings towards traveling will change in the future and the choice of a destination will depend on different factors than before. Now we will be looking at countries where we have good access to healthcare and places where we can truly relax with no fear. We will prefer the destinations where they knew how to manage and maintain a level of calmness through difficult times. So welcome to our wonderful country that I am so proud of, welcome to Czech Republic.
Why Prague Czech Repulic
10 reasons why Prague and Czech Republic should be at the top of your travel list

Our dreams now wander to a post-pandemic world. To a better world in the future and to better and more responsible traveling. After weeks of truly getting to know ourselves, and what is really important, many of us have a better grasp of our vision and mission in our lives and we all looking forward to heading out into the world and living our dreams again. Let’s take what we’ve learned from our time in quarantine and do so in a responsible and meaningful manner. Let’s enjoy Prague and the Czech Republic together (even while maintaining a bit of distance).

REASON #1: Czech Republic has managed the COVID-19 crisis incredibly well

The Czech Republic has been a model of both how the government and the residents of the country have worked together in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all those living within the borders as well as our neighboring countries. The Ministry of Health has been instrumental in establishing regulations which has kept the spread of the coronavirus throughout the Czech Republic to a low. These regulations, such as wearing a face mask at all times outside of the home, designated shopping hours for the elderly and a restriction on the number of people gathering in one place at one time has shown excellent results.

The Czech Republic has tested a total of nearly 300,000 residents at the time of this publication and there were only 25 deaths per million, which is among some of the lowest in the world, and 750 cases per million of the population. Of the 8,000 total cases found, nearly half (47.9%) have recovered, with only a relatively small number (52) being serious cases.

Due to the closing of borders and the insistence on testing or quarantine for those returning from abroad, the Czech Republic has maintained the stop the spread of COVID-19 to allow the hospitals and medical staff to prepare for any future cases that they may experience.

With all of the hard work that the Ministry of Health has done in the last several months, they have ensured that once COVID-19 is behind us, the Czech Republic will be the ideal place where to travel after this global crisis. For more information you can follow the statistics here about the coronavirus at the following link https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/.

REASON #2: Czech Republic is a peaceful, prosperous country

The Czech Republic experienced a good deal of change throughout the 20th Century. But the Velvet Revolution, which led to the fall of communism and the creation of the democratically run Czechoslovakia in 1989 and later the “Peaceful Divorce” from Slovakia in 1993 brought about much stability to the young nation. The Czech Republic has since become a leading nation within Europe as well as the rest of the world. In recent years it has experienced a great deal of economic growth due to the tourism and tech industries. Tourists flocked to Prague and other sites around the Czech Republic to witness the beautiful architecture, art, history and culture that were hiding from view in the previous century. And foreign businesses began to appreciate the many benefits of operating a business from the very “Heart of Europe” where it was quite easy to find local Czechs as well as a growing number of foreign expats to fill various roles in industries such as tech, logistics and pharma.

Through all of this growth and innovation, the Czech Republic has remained a very calm and peaceful country, which anyone who travels here or visits here will tell you is evident during your stay with us.

Charles bridge in Prague

REASON #3: Czech Republic is a country of self discovery

There are so many peaceful places in our beautiful nature where you can just wonder alone and discover not only the magic of our country but also yourself. Sometimes it takes a crisis to find what you are looking for within yourself. The Czech Republic has extensive walking, hiking, and biking trails going back nearly 150 years. These trails crisscross the country, leading from one small town to another, while passing over mountains, through valleys and across countrysides. Many of the trails start in larger cities such as Prague and then spiral out in all directions. They are the perfect opportunity to explore nature while also exploring your inner thoughts.

If you are looking for a trip which gets you out in nature without leaving you too far from the nearest town, supermarket or restaurant, then these trails are perfect for you. They grant you all of the benefits of enjoying nature without having to be too far from the necessities.

Lednice Palace in south Moravia with a lake and minaret.

REASON #4: Short travel time to the Czech Republic

If you are looking for the ideal place where to travel to after the coronavirus scare has settle down, and you are already in Europe, then the Czech Republic is definitely the best destination for you. Our city Prague is literally the heart, it is to say the center of Europe. So it means that if you are traveling from another European country, you are likely to reach Prague within a 2 to 3-hour plane ride. If you travel from Asia or America or Africa, Prague is a great base to start for your future moves. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary or Croatia have also managed the coronavirus crisis well, so you hopefully will be able to visit our neighbors as well.

Reason #5: Small hotels and pensions

Rather than large, chain hotels spotting the landscape, when traveling within the Czech Republic, you will find that most accommodation is either a small hotel of family run pension which has anywhere from 3 to 10 rooms. These are the most common types of accommodation found when you are visiting the mountains, the countryside or a smaller city.

Even in Prague, many older houses have been converted into hotels, allowing only several groups of visitors at a time. With less people in the hotels at one time, there is less chance for interaction with other guests, which should give all of the guests a sense of ease and tranquility.

Take a road trip in the Czech Republic in autumn.

Reason #6: Czech Republic is perfect for a road trip

Another reason to come visit the Czech Republic after the COVID-19 crisis has passed us, is that our country is perfect for a road trip! f you love to travel by car, then the Czech Republic is the perfect country to visit and plan a road trip. For those who are arriving by car from neighboring countries, then you can easily plan a road trip from several days to several weeks in which you can traverse the whole of the Czech Republic, from Northern Bohemia to Southern Moravia. There are several major highways in the Czech Republic and several other major roads which make it easy to navigate. Most of the most common destinations for travelers are clearly marked on signs which are easily read by those even if you do not speak Czech.

And as none of the cities outside of Prague are very large, entering the city with a car is easy and practical, unlike for example, driving into some other major international capital. If you drive to Karlovy Vary or Český Krumlov, you will never be lost and can find our way around the city with ease.

Vineyard in Moravia, wine country in Czech Republic.

Reason #7: Hiring a car or motorhome is ideal for traveling in the Czech Republic

Even if you don’t have your own car when arriving to the Czech Republic, renting a car or a motorhome is quite easy and very useful. All of the top destinations such as Kutna Hora, Karlstejn, Karlovy Vary and Mikulov are all possible to reach in a 2 to 4 hour drive from Prague. So once you have landed in Prague and spent a few days getting to see this incredible city, then you can set out on your own, at your own pace and with your own agenda by car or motorhome.

As mentioned above, the accommodation outside of Prague tends to be smaller, quaint pensions which are suitable for relatively few groups of guests at once. So if you rent a car, there are many options for staying in a boutique hotel/pension in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, or in a family run pension in south Moravia where you can spend an afternoon at a wine cellar near your pension and enjoy the delicious Czech wine that is becoming more and more world known.

If you would like an even more secluded trip with your friends or family members, then you can rent a motorhome and spend all of your time with just your travel companions. Again, driving is very convenient in the Czech Republic, so why not take the wheel on your vacation to the Czech Republic after the coronavirus epidemic has calmed down.

Reason #8: Czechs are not overtly affectionate people

While it is still difficult to comprehend the full effect of the coronavirus pandemic in our future lives, one of the things that will definitely change, according to experts, is that our physically interactions and contact with those around us will be drastically altered. Instead of greeting with kisses and hugs, we will need new, creative forms to say hello or good-bye. In some countries this might be very difficult as it would be an insult to not hug or kiss your relative or coworker each time you see them. However, we Czechs are not quite as affectionate as other cultures and usually reserve this sort of interaction for those closest to us. Therefore, there is already a culture much inline with the new social distancing norms and there will not be a need to fear avoiding an offered hug or kiss when entering a hotel, restaurant or meeting your tour guide.

The famous stone arch in Bohemian Switzerland, Cesky Raj.

Reason #9: The medical services and social services are among the best in the world

The Czech Republic possesses some of the best medical and social services in the world. With a socialize medical system set in place, all residents and citizens know that they can be constantly cared for and that they will not be abandoned if they have any medical problems. Since the start of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, the government has provided many payments to individuals and companies to maintain them afloat while many of them cannot work or keep their doors open due to the quarantine. These policies and payments have allowed many Czech citizens, residents and businesses from going bankrupt or going without some sort of income. These benefits have allowed many people to stay at home without worrying about how to feed their families and pay rent and furthermore have incentivize people to not go out and break quarantine, thereby exacerbating the situation.

Reason #10: Travel to the Czech Republic is Very Economical

The Czech Republic has long been known for being remarkably cheap and friendly on the bank account. This will be even more important now as people may have experienced some decrease in their salaries in recent months and need to keep their next vacation or holiday budget a bit lower than normal. Here in the Czech Republic, prices are much lower than in neighboring countries where the Euro is used. The Czech crown has decreased in value recently, thereby making everything from beer to meals to shopping even cheaper than before.


The easiest way now would be by car or plane with your negative COVID-19 test which is no older then four days. That way you do not have to pass any quarantine and you will also be safe to visit us 🙂 We do recommend checking our national airline site https://www.csa.cz/cz-en/ for more information. Or if you prefer to come by car or motorcycle, this is also a wonderful idea.

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We invite anyone concerned about their trip to Prague to please contact us with their questions and we will be happy to help.


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