Our Mission

Doing our part to make the world a better place.


We have been fortunate enough in our work to have encountered situations in which we are able to help those in need and make a difference in the lives of them as well as the communities at large.

At To Do In Prague, we believe it is our responsibility and our duty to help whenever necessary. That might be helping a lost passenger or tourist when we are walking the streets in Old Town or crossing the Charles Bridge. It might mean trying to see how we can make our processes more eco-friendly so as to have less impact on the environment. It sometimes means becoming involved with charities and organizations that we believe and trust are fundamental in creating change, small or large, for people in need. And it sometimes takes the form of reaching out to those who we encounter when we are out traveling.

There are so many opportunities and we try to make the most of them. Here we have mentioned a few so that you can know that by choosing to work with To Do In Prague, you are working with a company that cares about other people, about our environment and about you!

Eco-friendly travel in Prague is possible. Go green when you visit us in Prague.

It is one of our missions to have a larger impact on the environment. We do this in big and small ways everyday.

Some of the small ways are by following our own suggestions that we have for any travelers to the Czech Republic, which you can see here. We are very careful about our plastic consumption and disposal of all recycling. In our offices, we are very keen on separating all garbage so that it is properly disposed of.

We use public transportation throughout Prague. The Prague public transportation system is so well run, so economical and so easy to operate that getting to the office and back is no problem at all.

We are also happy to partner with WordPress who runs our emails and domains on green energy. This way we know that when we are helping answer questions to our customers or writing about our amazing tours, we know that we are using energy that is less harmful to Mother Nature.

Our emails and servers are run on green energy.

On a larger scale, we are currently working to encourage hotels and accommodations to refrain from offering towels to their guests. We are calling this the “No Towel Policy”. Water usage necessary to wash towels on a daily basis in hotels across the world is a huge strain on the supply of global water. We can all do a huge part by refusing to use towels in hotels and bringing our own.

View of Prague Castle at night from the river
Gorgeous stainglass windows in a Prague church
Czech beer and pretzels make the perfect midday snack in Prague
The impressive St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle

Reaching Out To Others

We also look for, create and maintain relationships with charities and organizations around the world which have large local impacts.


​​Working in the travel industry, we know the wonders of sight, as much of what people travel for, is to see the wonders of the  world. Therefore, one of the charities we work with is Light for the World, an international organization that offers support to people who are blind, have sight difficulties or are suffering from diseases of the eyes. We make monthly donations to this organization knowing that it has lifelong lasting effects on the recipients of the care

We donate to an organization that helps people with sight problems.


We also are always looking for new ways to make a difference in the lives of the local people we come across when we are traveling in the world. Some of our incentive tours through other countries have allowed us to do just that. We have visited many schools and children’s groups, bringing school supplies, clothing and toys over the years. 

We help support local communities in our travels.


Our agents are at your disposal from 09:00 to 18:00 every day. We are happy to assist you. We will attend to you quickly and directly. We take pride in our dedication to our business and our customers.
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