Pilsen (Plzeň)

Come see where the best beer in the world is made!
Outlandish Notions

See another side of the Czech Republic, one which is rich in creation and development, and has been for centuries.

“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.”
— Czech Proverb

Architecture and Design

Pilsen is known for its beautiful synagogue, churches, old industrial factories as well as some family apartments designed by a famous Czech interior designer and architect.

Pilsen is found just west of Prague, about an hour from the capital and is the birthplace of Czech beer.


Long Brewing History

Learn how and why pilsner came to be and why it’s so delicious.


Church in Pilsen, Czech Republic, near Prague. Home to Pilsner beer.

World War II History

See the first place liberated by the American troops.


13th Century
95 km
Pilsner Beer, Škoda Cars
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