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Prices in Prague have been one of the driving forces for why Prague has become one of the top destinations in Europe, not to mention the world, in the last decade. This is due in large part to the evolution of the country and its economy since the early 1990’s. The Czech Republic has come a long way since the Velvet Revolution when it broke free of the communist grip on the country and since the Peaceful Divorce with Slovakia. Since then the country has developed, grown and is now thriving as one of the gems located in the heart of Europe.

Over the last few decades, the prices in Prague have been very affordable and have played a large part in making Prague such an attractive place for tourists, visitors, businesses and investors. However, over the last several years, as the flood of business and tourism has increased so too have the prices in Prague as well as the strength of the Czech currency.

What are prices in Prague like?

Since it’s difficult to convert prices in your head while you are perusing through a menu or window shopping on a busy tourist street in Prague, sometimes it’s best to know what the average prices of some typical things in the Czech Republic so that you can simply compare whether they seem too high. 

A good indicator of whether an establishment is expensive or not is to check the menu of course! Restaurants and bars that typically cater to locals as opposed to tourists usually have prices for beers set at 30 CZK to 60 CZK and a glass of wine can be anywhere from 40 CZK to 90 CZK depending on whether it is imported or not. (remember that Czech makes great wine as well).

Typically you won’t see Czechs going out for breakfast (although brunch has become popular on the weekends for the younger crowds) so you’ll see most locals swinging by the neighborhood bakery for some pastries or bread to get them through the morning. These individual serving baked goods can be anywhere from 10-50 CZK depending on whether or not they include meat, cheese or some fruit filling. If you are looking for something closer to an American breakfast or an English one, then you will probably find prices closer to 150-200 CZK.

Most Czechs go out to lunch with their colleagues, which for many is the largest meal of the day. However, that does not mean lunches are expensive. Lunches at a typical Czech restaurant can vary from the basic at about 125 CZK for a small soup and plate to 250 CZK for a large plate and perhaps a drink.

While lunch is the most important meal for most people on most nights, dinners are the time to go out and spend a long evening with friends. A very filling portion of a traditional Czech meal such as duck, goulash, pork knee or svíčková will usually start just around 150 CZK and can reach 300 CZK for some of the more special dishes. 

Typical Prices in Prague

Czech money is called koruna and comes in various denominations.

Lunch: 125- – 250 CZK
Dinner: 150 – 300 CZK
Beer: 30 – 60 CZK
Coffee: 45 – 85 CZK
Taxi to/from Airport: 600 – 1200 CZK
Tram/Bus: 24 CZK (1 ride); 110 CZK (day-pass)
Theater Ticket: 400 – 1600 CZK
Museum Entrance: 150 – 300 CZK

Prices in Prague for Everyday Items

Below we have listed prices for some items that you will want to purchase on a typical day while traveling in Prague. These prices are an estimation and may fluctuate depending on which area of the city you are in, what sort of establishment you are making your purchase at and sometimes the time of year.

  • Beer: 30 CZK – 60 CZK (depending on size and type)
  • Wine: 40 CZK – 90 CZK (depending on local or imported)
  • Coffee: 45 CZK – 85 CZK (depending on quality and type)
  • Water: 20 CZK – 40 CZK (depending on establishment and service)
  • Breakfast: 10 CZK – 50 CZK (depending on type of filling of baked good)
  • Lunch: 125 CZK – 250 CZK (depending on where and how big)
  • Dinner: 150 CZK – 300 CZK (depending on where and ingredients)
  • Taxi-airport to city center: 25 EUR – 50 EUR / 600 CZK – 1200 CZK
  • Taxi-city center to Prague castle: 190 CZK – 250 CZK 
  • Tram/Metro/Bus ticket: 24 CZK (1 ride), 110 CZK (24 hours), 310 (3-days)
  • Theater: 400 CZK – 1500 CZK

Important Information: Prague is located in the Schengen Zone, which is a free-travel zone within the European Union. It includes 26 countries in total. Depending on where you are coming from, you might need to secure a visa for the Schengen Zone before visiting the Czech Republic. Please be sure to consider this fact before making plans to visit Prague so that you do not experience any problems upon arrival. Also be be aware that the Czech Republic uses the Czech Korona (czk) rather than the euro since we are not in the eurozone. We look forward to your visit!

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