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Prague, Czech Republic receives millions of visitors, travelers, businessmen, businesswomen, and students from around the globe each year. Many come from neighboring European nation states such as Germany, Slovakia and Austria. While many others visit us from across the pond in North America or the complete other side of the world from Australia and New Zealand. And no matter where they come from, one of the first questions asked when planning a trip to another country is and should be, ‘Do I need a visa for Czech Republic?”

Below we have more information about the Czech Republic visa process. Please continue reading for more information regarding whether or not you will need a visa to enter the Czech Republic.

What’s the weather like in Prague? And in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic experiences the four seasons quite equally and without any extremes at either end. It also depends greatly on where you are in the country, as there are several small mountain ranges that change the general weather conditions of that region. 


In general, you can expect cold weather conditions, at or below 0° / 32°F in the winter months, with enough snowfall in the mountains north of Prague, as well as in the mountains between the Czech Republic and Austria to allow for skiing and other winter sports. However, in Prague, you might get a light dusting of snow which will probably melt off with the heat of cars and the city. If you come in the winter and are staying mostly around Prague and other smaller cities, be sure to bring warm winter clothing so that you can walk the streets without getting cold. 


The spring can start off quite cold and through the month of March the temperatures rise and fall several times, so it can be a bit tricky to say one way or another whether it’s more like winter or closer to spring. By April the weather starts to warm up and it is usually quite mild, with temperatures permitting guests and locals to enjoy being outside with only a light jacket. Temperatures can vary from 10 °C – 20 °C / 50 °F – 68°F. And by May, the weather is absolutely delightful, not being too cold nor too hot. 


The summer in the Czech Republic is lovely and perfect for visiting both Prague and the entire country as a whole. The high typically does not go over 30°C or 90 °F although, being in the city it can feel a bit higher. However, this temperature is perfect for those wanting to explore the countryside outside of Prague and beyond. Most weekends during the summer this is a mass exodus of people leaving Prague for their cottages and cabins in the country or mountains. 


September can be a quick or a slow transition to autumn. As the leaves start to change brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red, it can still be warm enough to walk outside in summer clothes. Usually by October we see temperatures dipping down again similar to those in the spring, which allow for a nice break from the summer heat before winter sets in. 

Prague's Weather Averages by Season

A roadmap of the Czech Republic, capital Prague.

Temperature: Minimum -4 °C or 25 °F / Maximum 3 °C or 37 °F
Snowfall: average of 25 mm or 1 inch / month
Temperature: Minimum  0 °C or 32 °F / Maximum 19 °C or 66 °F
Rainfall: average of 45 mm or 2 inch / month
Temperature: Minimum  13 °C or 52 °F / Maximum 30 °C or 90 °F
Rainfall: average of 70 mm or 3 inch / month
Temperature: Minimum  8 °C or 48 °F / Maximum 24 °C or 75 °F
Rainfall: average of 30 mm or 1.2 inch / month

More Information about the Weather in Prague

Does Prague experience any natural disasters or extreme weather conditions?

We in the Czech Republic and Prague in particular are very lucky that we do not experience any major weather conditions. There is rarely anything more serious than a large thunderstorm and the occasional winter snowfall. But other than that, it is quite predictable and without need for concern.  

What is the average temperature in Prague in winter, spring, summer and autumn?

Find all of the average temperatures by week and by month in this chart below:

The average weather temperatures for Prague.

What is the average snowfall and rain fall in Prague in winter, spring, summer and autumn?

Find the average rainfall and snowfall by week and by month in this chart below:

The average rain and snow fall in Prague by month.

What to do in Prague in winter?

One of the best things about winter and one of the favorite things to do in the winter, for both tourists and locals is to attend one of the delightfully fun Christmas markets. These can start as early as mid November and last until just past Christmas. The Christmas markets have a long and interesting past and they are full of many traditional decorations and Christmas tree ornaments, as well as more typical gifts. And of course lots of spiced, hot wine and some juicy sausages on bread. If you are visiting Prague in November or December, do not miss out on your chance to experience the Christmas markets, which are found in nearly every plaza and square throughout the city, large or small. 

There are also a lot of other indoor activities once you are unable to bear the cold anymore and if you have missed the Christmas season. Prague is full of many wonderful museums, from the typical history and art museums, to some of the smaller and lesser known ones such as the Karel Zeman Museum or the Lego Museum. 

And if you’re up for an adventurous day but want to stay inside, check out one of these escape rooms, which are very popular among our staff.

Important Note: Prague is located in the Schengen Zone, which is a free-travel zone within the European Union. It includes 26 countries in total. Depending on where you are coming from, you might need to secure a visa for the Schengen Zone before visiting the Czech Republic. Please be sure to consider this fact before making plans to visit Prague so that you do not experience any problems upon arrival. Also be be aware that the Czech Republic uses the Czech Korona (czk) rather than the euro since we are not in the eurozone. We look forward to your visit!

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