Best Things To Do in Prague in the Spring

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Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws.

Franz Kafka

Spring in Prague

Here are a list of some places to check out in Prague if you are visiting in the springtime.

Prague is a most magical in the spring when the cold and snow melt away and the green shoots and grass start to pop up around the city. The whole city really comes to life after a few colder and grayer months. Here are some things to enjoy if visiting us in Prague in the spring:

View of Prague Castle at night from the river

Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)

The Prague Castle is beautiful any time of year, but especially in the springtime as the trees start to sprout bright green leaves and the flowers come out in full force. The moat around the castle is full of color, as well as the view from the top of the castle across the whole of Prague. Take in this beautiful view after a guided tour through the castle and cathedral and down Golden Lane. 

Cherry blossom tree in bloom in spring in Prague.

Take a duck boat ride on the river

The duck boat rentals and car boat rentals are up and running in spring in Prague and they offer a spectacular view of the city from the middle of the calm flowing Vltava River. You have your choice too of a duck or swan boat, as well as some antique looking paddle boats which are fun to cruise around in. During your spin around across the river you can admire the Prague Castle from one side and then look back and take in the majestic Prague National Theater on the opposite side of the bank. Either way, you’ll have a wonderful view of some of the most notable buildings and sites in Prague. 

View of Charles Bridge from the Vltava River in Prague

Petrin Hill ( Petřín)

Petřín Hill is the former royal gardens and orchards. Gazing up at it from the riverbanks or gazing down from the height of the hill grant the viewers incredible sights. From below you can enjoy the greens which are starting to bud and the while cherry blossom trees and brilliant purple lilac trees beginning to brighten up the mood of all those who take it in.

From the bottom of the hill you can walk the steep slope which allows you to literally stop and smell the flowers, The early spring brings with it the gardens of colorful tulips and daffodils, always the first to pop up after a long winter.   

A view of the Prague Castle from Petrin Hill in Prague.

Or you can take the Petřín Funicular or tramvaj, which takes you up a bit quicker and with much less effort but with the same incredible views from the glass car.

Once on top the hill, you simply need to look back on Prague and take in the wonders of this dazzling city. There are views of the Prague Castle to one side, Old Town Square directly in front, and Vysehrad Castle off in the distance. The view of the Vltava River and how it cuts through the city and gives Prague it’s unique shape is always one to enjoy.

View of Prague from Petrin Hill, looking at the Vltava River and Staroměstské Náměstí. (Old Town)

Check out a cemetery

Okay, it might seem a bit strange and morose to go visit a cemetery at any time of year, but actually they can be quite beautiful, especially in Prague and especially in the spring. This is when people come out to clean and decorate the tombstones of their ancestors. There is some spring cleaning and then the laying of wreaths and bouquets of flowers as well as other little presents that their deceased family members might have liked.

A cemetery in Prague, decorated with flowers for Easter.

Search for Prague street art and graffiti

While not especially known for this, Prague possesses some really creative street artists who add their own unique artwork to the atmosphere in Prague. It can be a bit hard to come by, unlike in other cities, but it is there if you just allow yourself to get lost and wander around some of the neighborhoods out of the center.


Street art and graffiti in Prague.


There is no better place to spend all day on a lazy Saturday in the spring than on Naplavka. The riverfront walk located a bit further south from the main tourist attractions is bubbling with life all day on Saturdays. The early morning market starts with the sunrise and lasts till early afternoon. You can walk through the food stalls, munching along on some of the local 

Letna Park (Letenská pláň)  

Letna (space. 

Riegrovy Sady

Stromovka Park

If you y. 

The famous Prague tram passing through Holešovice, Prague 7.

Prague Zoo (Zoologická zahrada hl. m. Prahy)

The Prague Zoo

These are just some of the many ways you can enjoy yourself this spring when you come to visit us in Prague. 

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