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Top Beer Gardens in PragueBest BeerGardens in Prague

List of the best places to drink beer outdoors in Prague

When the sun starts to come on in the spring until late into the autumn months, you’ll find the residents of Prague outside every chance we get. Every bar, restaurant and cafe that has access to outdoor seating offers it and nothing is more iconic than visiting a beer garden in Prague to sit and relax after a long day at work or pass a lazy weekend day with friends. Soaking up the sun as well as soaking up the suds of some of the best Czech beer go hand in hand. Whether you live here year round or are just visiting for a few days or weeks, if there’s a bit of sun, set out and explore some of these top beer gardens scattered throughout the capital city of the Czech Republic.

If you’re looking to join a few locals to check out some of these wonderful beer pub, come along on one of our popular walking beer tasting tour or a day brewery tour outside of Prague where you can enjoy a scenic ride along with visits to several famous breweries.


One of the most popular locations in the whole city is Naplavka Riverfront located a bit south of the main tourist attractions in Prague. There is a length of promenade which stretches from the Manes art gallery, under several historical bridges plus the industrial looking train bridge, down to the foot of Vyšehrad Castle. Along this pedestrian walk, you will find a whole collection of outdoor pubs, restaurants and beer gardens, some of them directly ON the promenade, others on BOATS docked along Naplavka and some WITHIN the walls of the embankment. This area is sure to be full everyday after work and the whole weekend when the sun is out (and sometimes when it is not).

The atmosphere is one of a neighborhood park without the grass. Friends and families come with blankets and spread out along the edge of the walkway, feet hanging over the side, feeding the local water fowls which come looking for snacks. The large barges which have been converted into beer gardens are packed with wooden picnic tables and large umbrellas advertising which beer you can find on draft. Last year, as part of a huge revitalization project, large cells which are part of the embankment walls were converted into galleries, cafes and bars which have seating both inside the wall as well as just outside along the pedestrian walk. There are a few smaller, chicer bars such as the Oliveira Boat Bar which offers a higher selection of wine and delicious Italian styled dishes.

No matter what vibe you are going for, there is always something that will fit the bill when you visit Naplavka. Not to mention that it has one of the best views for sunset as you have a perfect view of the Prague Castle and the sun setting behind Petriny Hill, setting the sky on fire.

Letenský Zahradní  (Letna Beer Garden)

One of the most famous traditional beer gardens in the whole city is – hands down – Letna Beer Garden. It is found at the top of Letna Park, overlooking the quiet flowing Vltava River with the best view of the whole of Prague. You can see all the way across Old Town, New Town, up to the Prague Castle as well as much further south to the high rises of Pankrac and Chodov.

There you will find lines of extra long picnic tables spread out under the canopy of leafy green chestnut trees which make excellent shade for the warmer days and months of summers in Prague. The beer garden is a simple, no-nonsense establishment. You’re guaranteed to have delicious cold beer on tap and sizzling sausages hot off the grill. Whether you’re stopping by during a bike or rolling skating trip through Letna Park or just looking for a place to sit and enjoy an afternoon of leisure, Letna Beer Garden is the perfect stop.

Contact: Letenské sady, 170 00 Praha 7-Letná,

Riegrovy Sady

Possibly the most famous beer garden in Prague, located in the heart of Prague 2, just out of downtown, is Riegrovy Sady, once the orchards of Prague. Riegrovy Sady is perched on a hill, which allows for incredible sweeping views of Prague’s city center as well as the Prague Castle, just across the river. It is a well-known fact among locals that this has the best sunsets (rival only to Naplavka) in Prague.

Unfortunately the actual beer garden that once could host hundreds of beer loving visitors was closed in 2018 after the contract failed to renew, leaving the locals wishing for its return. However, a few little beer sellers have popped up in the meantime and there is still plenty of green grass, perfect for lying out and taking in a few rays of sun while enjoying the superb views.

Contact: Riegrovy sady, 120 00 Vinohrady

Manifesto Market

Certainly one of the more posh locations on this list, the Manifesto Market created major waves when it launched the first of two ‘pop-up’ inspired eateries just out of downtown in Florence. After the first year’s success, it was followed by the opening of another location in Prague 5, a much more residential area of the city, further from the tourist attractions.

The idea behind the Manifesto Markets was to create a unique space from a space that until then had been under utilized. In Florence, the developers found land just below one of the overpasses leading across the river. They set up in what was once a dusty, empty lot and created a very chic atmosphere, filled with shipping container designed restaurants, bars and cafes, each one offering some of the best food and drink in their class. The Smichov location was once an empty lot between the local library and the National House Smíchov. Both locations have been designed and built to run entirely off renewal energy sources. So while you’re wining and dining, you can do so knowing that you’re helping the environment too.

Both locations have various seating options including hot tops, bars, picnic tables and even large ‘pods’ or ‘igloos’ which are great if the day is a bit rainy.

Smichov Location: náměstí 14. října 82/16 Smichov, 150 00 Praha 5,

Florence Location: Na Florenci 23 , New Town, 110 00  Praha 1 ,

Prague's Best Beer Gardens

Czech beer and pretzels make the perfect midday snack in Prague
Naplavka :

Riverfront promenade with multiple boat bars

Letna Beer Garden :

shady outdoor area overlooking Prague

Riegrovy Sady :

grassy hill for the best sunset in Prague

Manifesto Market :

upscale outdoor eatery and beer garden

Lesser Known but Equally Good Beer Gardens in Prague

The next few beer gardens on the list are a bit less known than the first few mentioned. However this is list in not an ordering of the best beer gardens, so don’t discount the following options if you are looking for an authentic beer garden in Prague. In each one you’ll find delicious beer, some tasty snacks and great atmosphere.

Dva kohouti (‘Two Roosters’)

Touted as the “brewery and taproom under one roof”, Dva Kohouti is the brainchild of two well known local brewers from the business: brew Adam Matuška of Matuška Pivovar and Lokal’s master barman Lukaš Svoboda. It is also a part of Ambiente, a large restaurant conglomerate with a wide range of eating and drinking establishments throughout the city. The two men (hence the name) provide a much more diverse range of beer that you’ll find at most beer gardens in Prague. They often have up to 10 beers flowing through the taps, offering lagers, pilsners, IPAs and APAs.

The atmosphere is a bit younger than some of the more traditional beer gardens, with an hip urban vibe. While there are lots of the traditional long tables, both inside and outside of the tap room, typical of beer gardens, there is often the option to stand at high-top tables in front of the steel beer tanks.

Contact: Sokolovská 81/55, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín,

Kuchyň (‘Kitchen’)

While it had a rough start, Kuchyň which originally set out to offer a truly traditional eating experience at the steps of the Prague Palace, has now changed its game plan and seems to have found its market and niche. The restaurant sits just off Hradčanské namesti, which is the square outside the Prague Palace gates. They have several dining rooms within the building, but more importantly (for those reading here), they also have two levels of outdoor spaces. The first is directly off the dining areas, with long tables and benches covered in large umbrellas. But they also have a significant patch of lush green grass at the far end of the tables as well as an entire level just below with a few benches and platforms. You can stretch out on the grass with friends or your dog and enjoy the best part of this beer garden – the view.

Most views in Prague brag about being able to see the Prague Castle, but Kuchyň can brag that they have the best view FROM the Prague Castle. As you sip your favorite drink, you and your companions can enjoy the rooftops of Malostranska (Lesser Town), across the Vltava River, all the way to the Žižkov Tower in the distance.

Contact: Hradčanské nám. 186/1, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany,

Hospudka na hradbách (‘Pub on the Wall’)

While most those visiting Prague have their goals set on seeing the Prague Castle, they might miss out on visiting another important site of a castle in Prague, high above the Vltava River at Vyšehrad. Here you’ll find a large grass, shady park enclosed by the palace walls. And here on the battlement walls, you can enjoy a much more relaxed and quiet type of beer garden than some of the others on this list.

The view from the wall is quiet impressive and unlike one you’ll see from any of the more popular tourist sites in the center of Prague. This view is of some of the lesser-known but still important and impressive neighborhoods of Prague. If you’re heading there, be sure to keep your eyes on the wall after passing through the Vyšehrad Gates and watch for the entrance through the wall.

Contact: V Pevnosti 16/2, 128 00 Praha 2-Vyšehrad,

Klub Lávka ( Footbridge Club)

Everyone knows about the Charles Bridge and most visiting Prague will make it their mission to cross the bridge at some point. But why not take the opportunity to contemplate the bridge from below? That’s the incredible draw of Klub Lávka. Located on the right bank of the Vltava River, the Footbridge Club offers the incredibly unique experience of sitting and sipping some delicious Czech beer or even a nice Moravian wine, while sitting at water’s level at the foot of the bridge.

Klub Lávka, known more as an upscale restaurant, may not advertise as a beer garden but it checks all of the boxes: outdoor space – check, offer of beer – check, great atmosphere – check!

Contact: Novotného lávka 201/1 110 00 Prague 1 – Old Town

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Important Information: Prague is located in the Schengen Zone, which is a free-travel zone within the European Union. It includes 26 countries in total. Depending on where you are coming from, you might need to secure a visa for the Schengen Zone before visiting the Czech Republic. Please be sure to consider this fact before making plans to visit Prague so that you do not experience any problems upon arrival. Also be be aware that the Czech Republic uses the Czech Korona (czk) rather than the euro since we are not in the eurozone. We look forward to your visit!

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