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Top Beer Bars in PragueBest BeerPubs in Prague

List of the most popular pubs in Prague with full-flavored Czech beer.

List of the some of the most frequented beer pubs in Prague with authentic atmospheres, delicious dishes and most importantly – mouth-watering Czech beer. There is a saying amount Czechs, “Do you know what the best Czech wine is?  Beer!” No, we are not crazy. We just love beer that much. And we have so much of this delicious amber liquid that you can’t blame us for being so fanatical of beer that we are regularly ranked as the number 1 country for per capita consumption of beer. If you’re looking to join a few local to check out some of these wonderful beer pub, come along on one of our popular walking beer tasting tour or a day brewery tour outside of Prague where you can enjoy a scenic ride along with visits to several famous breweries.

Kolkovna Celnice

The most famous Czech beer in the world is the lip smacking Pilsner Urquell. Born and brewed in Pilsen, a small city not far to the west of Prague, this beer is the pride and joy of all us Czechs and the most popular beer for locals as well as visitors. As is common here in the Czech Republic, each brewery is associated or owns and operates its own restaurant and beer pub where they guarantee the freshest barrels of their home brew on tap at all times. Pilsner Urquell’s Original Restaurant gastropub chain is Kolkovna. Kolkovna Celnice was one of the first Kolkovna Restaurants. Located just minutes from the very center of Prague, around the corner from the Praha Masarykovo Nadrazi (train station) and Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square). They pride themselves on offering top-notch service and some of the best bartenders available.

Don’t be surprised when you order a large beer and the bartender reaches for an incredible large glass mug with a giant handle. The Czech style of tapping beer means that each one is served with a huge head of creamy foam on top. This guarantees that your draft beer maintains the same freshness as you enjoy the whole glass.

Contact: 4, V Celnici 1031, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1, 

U Hrocha (At the Hippo)

U Hrocha is located below just below the Prague Castle, one block off of Malostranské náměstí (Lesser Town Square). If you want a quiet experience with locals where you literally smell the history amidst the Gothic arches and old-timely feel. Although found in one of the busiest, most touristy sections of the city, due to the fact that it is just off the main road, it maintains its authenticity and local vibe and it is where the locals in the area go to chat with neighbors or meet newcomers.

Boasting one of the best tasting Pilsner’s in the city, they also serve up your typical beer pub cuisines like such cold snacks as pickled sausages ((called “utopenec” or ‘drowned man’), head cheese and rollmops. Plus there are some tasty hot dishes, so whether you’re looking for something small or large, you’ll be sure to fill your stomach with the most authentic Czech beer and Czech food.

Contact: Thunovská 10, 118 00 Malá Strana, Praha 1,

Zlý časy (Hard Times)

A favorite of local pub for enthusiasts, there is a huge variety of beers and the pub is mostly frequented by  locals. The offer is quite big and the beers are changing constantly. There are 48 taps which are pouring out beer from around Bohemia and Moravia, giving some of the smaller breweries throughout the country to have their moment alongside the more famous Czech breweries. Maybe some of them are not the top quality but they are at least interesting with special tastes.  The pub is very authentic but do not expect high quality services.

Bad Times is found in Nusle, which is just out of the center of Prague, so it means if you dare to venture a bit further from the typical waterholes in Prague, you’ll find yourself among Nusle’s neighbors who are there for one reason – they love Czech beer. The interior is a typical Prague beer pub, with low lighting, dark wooden accents and a slightly tough and tumble atmosphere. They may not be there for show, but they are there to guarantee you try beer from the far corners of the Czech Republic.

Contact: Čestmírova 390, 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle,

U Zlatého tygra (At the Golden Tiger)

Supposedly the best Pilsner Urquell draft beer has been served here in Prague for centuries. When you come here, respect the local culture; observe and try to behave like a local. The pub is designated for people who will enjoy a large Pilsner Urquell. If you want to just have a coffee, this is not the place to go. This beer pub was designed for beer and hearty, traditional food. If you love top quality beer and not just one drink, you should not miss the pub At the Golden Tiger.

The building Husova street No. 17 dates back to the 14th century. It was associated with the complex, which is one of the most valuable monuments in Prague, the palace of the Lords of Kunštát and Poděbrad. Since 1702 the house has had its sign – a stone relief of a walking tiger. In 1816 there was mentioned the beer hall in the description of the city. And since then, many famous and important people have visited this fine establishment (Bill Clinton- former US president, Vaclav Havel – former president of Czechoslovakia, and Bohumil Hrabal- one of the most famous Czech writers in the 20th century), so maybe you’ll bump into one of them if you drop in for a pint or two.

Contact: Husova 228/17 Staré Město, 110 00  Praha 1

BeerGeek Bar

BeerGeek touts itself as true craft beer lovers. They specialize in beer that you cannot find in the grocery store. Many of the 32 taps pour the bar’s own brand of beer, but they also rotate the barrels, with anywhere from 5 to 10 new beers on tap a day from craft brewers from around the country as well as across the world.

If you like to talk the newest in the craft beer world, then you should head there and talk with the bartenders, who are probably the owners who love nothing more than sharing a few sips of their latest batch before you find the beer that is meant for you. The vibe is definitely a bit younger than most of these other beer pubs on this list and also the one which is most frequented by the local expat community so you’ll probably hear a bit more English than Czech when you’re in there.

Contact:  Vinohradská 988/62, 130 00 Žižkov, Praha 3, 

List of Prague's Very Best Pubs

Czech beer and pretzels make the perfect midday snack in Prague
Kokovna Celnice                                     
U Hrocha
Zlý časy                                   
At the Golden Tiger
Beer Geek         
Dno pytle (‘Bottom of the Sack’)
Pivní mapa (‘The Beer Map‘)
U Sudu Wine Bar
U Sadu

Lesser Known but Equally Good Beer Pubs in Prague

The next five beer pubs on this list are a bit less known than the first five. But that does NOT mean they are any less worth a visit if you are insistent about seeing some of the best beer pubs on your next trip in Prague.

Dno pytle (‘Bottom of the Sack’)

The Bottom of the Sack is located in the center of Prague in Vinohrady, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city and just out of the city center. This is definitely one of the smaller establishments on this list. It is a cozy beer pub whose owners often go on beer tasting tours  in order to select the finest beers for their customers from Bavaria’s local mini-breweries.

They also offer other select products from Bavaria such as hard alcohol and liqueurs and even grilled sausages.

Contact: Vinohradská 63, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady

Pivovarský klub (‘Brewery Club’)

The Brewery Club was inspired to create a space where it was possible to ‘eat’ a hundred different beers at any one time. Since their initial opening in 2005, they have offered over 1,300 beers from only 6 taps. They also offer a VERY wide selection of bottled beers with up to 250 different varieties at once. While they specialize in Czech beer, especially if it is on tap, they bring in bottles from Belgium, the USA, the British Isles and Germany among others.

Their beer sommeliers would be more than happy to suggest dishes to go with your beer which may include such exotic dishes as ostrich or kangaroo.

Contact: Křižíkova 17, Praha 8 – Karlín


BEERTIME in Anděl in another beer pub specializing in a wide variety of craft beer rather than the more well-known Czech beers. They have 14 taps which are constantly turning out new fresh batches of craft beer selections from around the Czech Republic as well as a few from neighboring countries. If you like to experiment with your beer selection and happen to be over Czech Pilsner, then try an American IPA, Russian Imperial Stout, Session IPA,  Sour-Gose, Saison or one of their other many seletions.

The interior of BEERTIME is not large and it is very common to find it full during the winter months as it is a neighborhood favorite. In the summer months you have a bit better chance at arriving without a reservation as there is also a small beer garden. However, you are dead set on sampling from their incredible beer selection, be sure to make yourself a reservation to ensure you get to taste to your heart’s content. And don’t forget to sample the food as well. Their food is among the best for those on this list.

Contact: Nádražní 61/116, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov,

U Sudu Wine Bar (Vinárna U Sudu)

There are many basement bars and restaurants in Prague due to the fact that the level of Prague has risen through the centuries and many first floors became basements over the years. But U Sudu is more than simply a beer pub located a few steps down from street-level. Originally opened in 1968, the establishment has grown and expanded in all directions, including further and further underground. They have combined several basements from neighboring buildings and created a huge subterranean brick-vaulted Gothic space. Entering into ‘heaven’ at street-level, patrons can then descend to ‘hell’ which consists of 4 connected basements which house several separate bars, a foosball table, and a dance floor. There is also a beer garden open in the summer months.

In case you have a travel buddy who is not as much a fan of beer as you are, this is a great stop because it’s actually a wine bar as well and serves typical barrel wine as well as some more high-end, vintage wines. But of course, this is the Czech Republic, so there are several options for Czech’s best lagers.

Contact: Vodičkova 677/10, 110 00 Nové Město

U Sadu (Pivnice U Sadu)

At the foot of the Žižkov Tower (nearly) is U Sadu, a seems like the typical Czech beer pub with tables outside during warmer months, a first floor as well as a basement, all decorated with dark wood paneling and walls weighed down with memorabilia and souvenirs from the last decades – baskets, bottles, instruments, small statues, and tools, which means you’ll never bore of having a beer there and gaze upward. U Sadu patrons are very loyal and it is very difficult to find space here if you’re there during normal hours, so be sure to go early or book a table ahead of time.

U Sadu originally opened in 1929 and since then has been serving a wide range of the traditional Czech beers including their own homemade brew: 11 ° Sádek (Unfiltered lager) (cooked only for Pivnici U Sadu) and Sádek English Pale Ale (Full beer) (brewed for the 5th anniversary of Sádek beer). They also offer some of the more well-known Czech beers, such as Kozel, and Matuška and a few international best-sellers like Guinness and Kingswood Apple Cider.

Contact: Škroupovo nám. 1282/5, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov,

Don’t forget to check out some of our brewery and beer tasting tours which are offered both within Prague as well as the surrounding countryside. If you are into a walking beer tour, check out our most popular one here. Or if you prefer to get out of Prague for the day and see the incredible landscapes, small villages and breath in some fresh country air, check out these tours. 

Important Information: Prague is located in the Schengen Zone, which is a free-travel zone within the European Union. It includes 26 countries in total. Depending on where you are coming from, you might need to secure a visa for the Schengen Zone before visiting the Czech Republic. Please be sure to consider this fact before making plans to visit Prague so that you do not experience any problems upon arrival. Also be be aware that the Czech Republic uses the Czech Korona (czk) rather than the euro since we are not in the eurozone. We look forward to your visit!

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