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Prague Brings Back Drive-In Movie Theaters

Updated: 12.5.2020

There is a new addition to the drive-in cinema experience in Prague. After the launch of 3 new drive-in movie theater locations by two different projects only two weeks ago, there is another ‘auto kino’ which will begin screening movies starting today, May 12th at 21:00.

This new drive-in cinema is just behind the Strahov Stadium in the large open parking area. A giant outdoor screen composed of 9 shipping containers stacked together, measuring 13 x 6 meters, will be lit up each night through the summer behind the hisotrical Strahov Stadium atop Petriny Hill.

The newest of Prague’s drive-in cinema distinguishes itself from the other three locations (Prague Airport, Prague 7 Market-Pražská tržnice and an old train station in Nákladové nádraží Žižkov) because not only does it offer 120 spaces for cars, but there will also be 99 outdoor seats for those without cars.

The outdoor, drive-in theater will also off bar services which will be available for several hours both before and after the showings, as well as during the movie. Both cash and credit card will be accepted for all payments at the bar.

Movies will start at 21:00 for the first half of the summer, after which they will be pushed back to a 21:30 start time.

The current schedule for this current week can be found below. Ticket information is also available below. At the moment, a ticket for one car will cost 350 CZK and for a ‘lounger’ the price will be 120 CZK.

original post: 24.4.2020

After several decades in which drive-in cinemas and movie theaters had not existed in Prague, the trend is back. Due to the current coronavirus epidemic situation many businesses in Prague remain closed, although some are gradually re-opening in accordance with the 5-step initiative headed by the Czech Ministry of Health. But many leisure activities, museums, theaters and cinemas are not on the list of businesses to re-open in the next few months. Therefore, those in the theater and cinema industries have been devising ways in which people in Prague can continue to enjoy a movie or a live performance on stage while still following the social distancing norms and adhering to the government’s restrictions.

The project, Art Parking took the initiative to start a drive-in theater and cinema when its founder, Karel Kratochvíl, realized that while online streaming is keeping many people entertained during this time of quarantine, it was not quite the same. He said that watching movies, TV series and even live streaming concerts and events is, “a bit like kissing through a veil.” Therefore he and the project created two locations which will allow many cinema and theater lovers to leave their homes and take to the streets.

There will be live performances at the Prague Market (Pražská tržnice) starting today, April 24. This location will include performances such as classical concerts, alternative concerts, fairy tale puppet shows for children and dance performances.

In addition, Art Parking project has turned the railway station Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (which, coincidentally is the seat of the Czech National Film Archive) into a full-service drive-in cinema.

The other project which will be offering drive-in movie experiences to Prague residents is Kinoauto Praha, a project founded by theater and movie lovers. They have created a drive-in movie theater in a parking lot near Prague’s Václav Havel Airport. This too will begin to show movies on Friday, April 24.

How to buy tickets for the outdoor, drive-in theaters in Prague:

Tickets are available online directly from Art Parking and Kinoauto Praha (see the schedules listed below for locations, times, performances and where to buy tickets). Theater and movie goes will be able to buy tickets for the desired show, which they can present, via their smartphone, to the attendants at the drive-in theaters without leaving their cars or rolling down the windows. Those attending a showing will also be able to make purchases of food such as pop-corn, nachos, french fries, non-alcoholic drinks and beer online which will be delivered directly to the car.

People can select which event they want to see, and buy a ticket online. The ticket will arrive via email, and when the car arrives at the venue, the driver can show the email ticket through the car window without having to roll the window down, so there is no personal contact with the staff. Refreshments can also be ordered online, which will be delivered to the car’s assigned parking location.

Schedule for the drive-in Auto-Kino Strahov at Strahov Stadium

Tuesday May 12
21:00: The Dark Knight (in English with Czech subtitles)

Wednesday May 13
21:00: Caught in the Net (15+)

Thursday May 14
21:00: Owners

Friday May 15
21:00: Through Africa on a Pioneer

Saturday May 16
21:00: The Hunt

Sunday May 17
21:00: La Belle Époque (in French with Czech subtitles)

Monday May 18
21:00: Caught in the Net (15+)

Tuesday May 19
21:00: Ocean’s Eleven (in English with Czech subtitles)

Wednesday May 20
21:00: The Farewell (preview)

For more information regarding the shows and to buy tickets, check out their site here for Auto-Kino.

Schedule for the drive-in Theater Performances by Art Parking at Prague Market (Pražská tržnice)

Friday April 24
16:00 – 17:00: Brothers in a Trick – Special (theater)
19:00 – 20:00 Monika Načeva – Wild horses (music)

Saturday April 25
16:00 – 17:00: 1000 things that bother me (theater) Theater under Palmovka, Palm off Studio
19:00 – 20:00 Ester Kočičková (music)

Sunday April 26
16:00 – 17:00: Holektiv – Airplane (theater)
19:00 – 20:00: Mutants Search the Starting Point (music)

For more information regarding the shows and to buy tickets, check out the Art Parking’s main website.

Schedule for the drive-in Theater Performances by Art Parking at Nákladové nádraží Žižkov:

Monday, April 27
20:00: Parasite (in Korean with Czech subtitles)

Tuesday, April 28
20:00: V síti (in Czech)

Wednesday, April 29
20:00: Green Book

Thursday, April 30
16:00: Portrait of a Lady on Fire (in French with Czech subtitles)
20:00: La La Land

Friday, May 1
11:00: Paddington 2 (dubbed in Czech)
16:00: Národní třída (in Czech)
20:00: Through Africa on a Pioneer (in Czech)

Saturday, May 2
11:00: Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon (dubbed in Czech)
15:00: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
20:00: Vlastníci (in Czech)

Sunday, May 3
11:00: Mirai (dubbed in Czech)
15:00: Midsommar
20:00: La belle époque (in French with Czech subtitles)

For more information regarding the shows and to buy tickets, check out the Art Parking’s main website.

Schedule for the drive-in Kinoauto Praha Movie Theater at the Prague Airport:

Friday April 24:
20:30: Pulp Fiction

Saturday, April 25:
20:30: Samotáři (in Czech)
23:30: Ikarie XB 1 (in Czech)

Sunday, April 26:
20:30: The Fifth Element

And for more information regarding shows at the Kinoauto Praha and to buy tickets, check out their website.

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