Prague Dancers Atop Famous Prague Buildings To Say “Thank You”

May 7, 2020by Lynn

Watch these beautiful dancers say ‘thank you’ atop Prague’s most famous buildings


If you’ve already watched this video before reading the article then there is no need to describe the utter beauty, inspiration and awe that one feels while watching world-class dancers, acrobats and other performers dance on the top of some of Prague’s most prominent buildings with Prague’s famous cityscape in the background.

This magical creation was the joint effort of numerous artistic performers, photographers and DJs who have united in a recent initiative called LideLidem. The name LideLidem loosely translates to ‘people to people’ and it is a collaboration which allows these artists to communicate their feelings towards the people who have been persevering to protect us all from the spread of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic and abroad.

They set out to use their talents to express their gratefulness for all of the hard work of those on the front line who have been aiding others in the current COVID-19 crisis.

“Thanks go to the IZS [Integrated Rescue System] and to all those who did not sit at home in difficult times and instead sewed face masks, printed face shields, or even completely changed their business and in the meantime managed to mix hundreds of liters of disinfection.” – LideLidem

The organizers Eva Nečesalová and Katka Eichlerová came together to work on this project and give the artists a channel in which to show their thanks. The whole filming of video took place over a week, as the individual groups danced across the roofs of Prague’s National Museum, the National Theater, the Aureole Restaurant from a Pankrác skyscraper, the Máj and Kotva department stores and the InterContinental Hotel.

In the video you can see the stunning work of dancers from various forms of dance: traditional ballet from the National Theater, Laterna Magika, Star Dance, the Losers Cirque Company, as well as dancers from the Latin and urban scenes.

Czech DJ Michael Burian was responsible for the phenomenal soundtrack, saying that he drew inspiration for the music from “Vltava” by Bedřich Smetana. Other notable contributes to the project are also well-known in the Czech performing arts world, such as Ester Geislerová, Ben Cristovao, and Jana Plodková.

The organizers Nečesalová and Eichlerová spoke of the way in which this difficult time which involves socially distancing ourselves from family, friends and coworkers, has also highlighted the enormous desire and dedication to reach out and help members of our community in ways both big and small. This has involved sewing masks for friends and neighbors, shopping for and delivering groceries or food orders for the elderly.

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